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Nov 8, 2009 06:32 PM

Non-Mall Restaurants in Balzac?

I've never really explored the area outside Calgary (except heading into the mountains). On Wednesday I want to go shopping at Crossiron Mills and I'm wondering if there are restaurants we could stop at for lunch in Balzac. I kind of looked on Google Maps and couldn't really identify where Balzac itself was- I mean, I've been to the mall but is there a little town or something? Are there restaurants? Anything good? What about Airdrie?

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  1. There is nothing in Balzac. Except CIM.

    I'd much sooner head to some of the ethnic delights of NE Calgary...

    1. You could go to the NE indeed, or try out the Burger place in the Mall and tell us about it.
      It's on my list, but have not made it to the mall yet.

      1. I would note that the lebanese place, I think it was, in the CIM is actually very good. The potatoes are great and come with a nice garlic sauce. Everything else is the usual chains.

        1. There is a gas station in Balzac that has a restaurant (diner type) attached. My husband was inside and he thought the food looked pretty good, though he didn't eat. I know from your previous posts you're a veggie so not sure if it would be good for you.