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Nov 8, 2009 05:23 PM

Wine Fridge/Cooler Recommendation?

Can someone recommend a good wine fridge/cooler? I'm planning on purchasing this as a gift with some other friends for a 30th birthday. Our budget is around $600, and of the posts I found already, it looks like conversations revolve around fridges under $200.

I don't know what to look for in a wine fridge, but obviously consistent temperature is a plus. I'm not too concerned about the fridge holding a ton of bottles, but about 30-50 would be ideal since it seems that most fridges don't actually hold what they claim (due to varying bottle sizes).

I'm also interested in a company that has good customer service in case something were to happen to the fridge once purchased. There are a lot of comments about Haier, Vinotemp and Danby having either poor quality (freezing the wine or breaking down) or horrible customer service.

Any help is appreciated - thanks.

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  1. I bought a cooler from hold 172 bottles and have had a very good experiance with it. They have all kinds and sizes

    1. Oops. I am apparently not that good at math. It looks like our budget is actually $250. Any specific brand recommendations would be great. Thanks!

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        What I have found is that the cheaper models have been garbage. I made the mistake years ago to try units from both Haier and Danby, and I no longer have these units as they stopped working. Best out there in my opinion are Eurocave and Avanti, however you will not find one for $250. Craigslist maybe. You never know! -mJ