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Nov 8, 2009 04:43 PM

Anything Good in Little Italy?

There are several new places over the past five years or so in Little Italy San Diego, a place I'd like to "work" for the good of San Diego, but from what I read here and assume from the few places I've eaten at there, is overpriced touristy nothingness.

But is this attitude truly realistic?

Is there anything I'm missing by not going to Little Italy (ok except for a meatball sandwich from Filippi's but don't hold that against me).

Thanks C.H.O.W.

- SG

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  1. Not sure this is really what you want but...the LI farmers market rocks. So does Pappalecco's (State & Cedar). Pass on the bruschetta at PL but do try some of their salads and panini, and of course, don't leave without some of the best gelato in SD

    1602 State St, San Diego, CA 92101

    1. Little Italy isn't amazing, but there are a few good eats to be had there. Buon Appetito is quite good, as is the gelato place Pappalecco. If you're not limiting yourself to Italian, then I definitely enjoyed the steaks and sweetbreads at the Argentinian restaurant Puerto la Boca (though the empanadas were a little disappointing). I've heard good things about Burger Lounge but haven't been there.

      Buon Appetito
      1609 India St, San Diego, CA 92101

      Little Italy
      8200 Stockdale Hwy Ste M6, Bakersfield, CA 93311

      1602 State St, San Diego, CA 92101

      1. The good:

        Buon Appetito
        Burger Lounge
        Mona Lisa deli
        Pete's Quality Meats
        Po Pazzo - for a drink
        Puerto La Boca
        Pure Platinum - for the entertainment, although it has gone down hill

        No place is mind blowing, and I truly wish little italy was better, but it still remains my favorite neighborhood in san diego.

        Most restaurants close early.

        Oh yeah, and I dig the farmers market.

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          Steve, glad you qualified your rec for Po Pazzo for drinks, 'cause I had a couple of bad experiences there. Service was extremely rushed and food so-so.

          1. re: 4wino

            Yeah, its really too bad that the food is a miss there.

            I like the atmosphere, drinks, and they have music on thurs-sat nights. Or at least they used too.

            I noticed that po pazzo has gotten hit pretty heavy by the down economy.

        2. Thanks, I'll have to try out some of these places, I love Little Italy and would love it even more if it lived up to its potential... Oh, a vote for "Yogurtland" too is needed. You can't go wrong with frozen yogurt, though Red Mango somehow failed (happy to see Luigi's there though).

          1. I love Little Italy for the shopping but I'll agree with others that the food is so-so. The subs at Mona Lisa are good and I like to pick up some pasta at Assenti's to bring home. I actually prefer the traditional Italian sub (variety meats, provalone, etc) at Rosanna's Pasta in Encinitas though.

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            1. re: jweg

              Yeah, for food shopping little italy is great:

              Mona lisa deli
              Farmers market
              Assenti pasta
              And Buon Appetito people have a market too.

              I would love if it had a top notch fish monger and butcher.