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Lunch on Southwest Side on a Sat.

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Have a family "mission" to run on a Sat. afternoon on the Southwest side with wife and grown daughter. We could certainly stop and grab a decent beef or dog at Portillo's on 95th st. But would appreciate any good suggestions, or even wild ideas for some place between the Ryan's /I57 Halsted exit and the 95th street tollway. Sit down and more than sandwiches.

Going as far north as 87th. Can head south to 127th without going to far out of the way if we stay on the tollway side of the map.

It's been a long time since I've been home, and it's unknown food territory for me now.


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  1. Try the Patio restaurant at 92nd. and Harlem ave. Great Ribs,burgers etc. Also try Chucks,at 6501 W 79th.St. for Cajun, Mexican and BBQ.

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      Has anyone tried Calabria on 103rd? It was a great grocery/deli way back when, but have never been since it went to 103rd

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        id try one of the arab restaurants around 95th and harlem.


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          Great. Thanks for the link! When I was a kid we used to get pita from a bakery in the 63rd and Pulaski area. I was but a sprout, don't remember the name.

          Pita in Milwaukee is not so hot, so as a follow up question - Middle Eastern bakeries on the Southwest side?

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            there's a nice bakery in the area called "village bakery" for various meat, cheese and spinach pies.
            for pita, sesame bread and things. if you go to al-amal grocers (in the same area) they usually have a great selection from a few of the middle eastern bakeries.

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              Sorry, I should say that most of the places are actually on 87th and Harlem.
              the consensus on the best restaurant seems to be AlBawadi.
              Village Bakery, and al-Amal are on the same street.
              This is a good summary:

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                Holy cats, what a great set of places. Thank you. My godmother was Lebanese and I haven't heard of a bunch of this stuff. May need to extend the family "mission" to a couple of days!

      2. How about Palermo's? Some of the best pizza on the South Side. 95th, a block west of Cicero. Or Vito and Nick's, 84th and Pulaski. Great pizza there too.