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Nov 8, 2009 02:23 PM

Burger and football in Pasadena?

I'm in the mood for a good burger and a Monday Night Football game tomorrow, preferably in Pasadena. I used to like the burgers at the Crocodile Cafe - does anyone know what it's called now, and how the food is? How about the other Smith Brothers restaurant at the spot that used to be Club 41?

Of course, other suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Houston's. Sit at the bar; they'll have the game on, I'm sure, and they have good burgers. The Croc is now called Cafe 140 South (as in, 140 S. Lake, its address). I haven't seen the menu yet. The former Club 41 became Spitfile Saloon, and is now known as the Cheval Blanc. I don't know if they have a burger on the menu. If you like the Smith Bros., though, they serve a burger at Smitty's Grill (also on Lake), and if you sit at the bar, you will be able to see the TV.

    Smitty's Grill
    110 South Lake Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101

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      Houston's has AMAZING burgers. this i can definitely testify to. the atmosphere is also wonderful and the service is fantastic.

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      1. The bar at Parkway Grill.

        Parkway Grill
        510 South Arroyo Parkway, Pasadena, CA 91105

        1. I think I'd go with Houston's though I would be tempted to go with the Thai Steak Salad. If I went with the burger, I'd get a side of the Thai Peanut Sauce for dipping purposes.

          1. Since we're on a budget, we wound up at Smitty's ($10.50 burger vs. $14.00 at Houston's) and were not disappointed. The burger was delicious, if a bit messy. Nothing unusual, but excellent meat, cooked medium-rare with a nice char on the outside. Since the home-made potato chips are so addictive, I had coleslaw instead of fries with the burger, and DH, who has never met a potato he didn't like, had his baked instead, and ate every bite. We split a bottle of Zinfandel and had exactly the evening we wanted - except that the Broncos lost, darn it.

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              As Cary Grant never actually said, Judy, Judy, Judy! Please don't mention scores on a food board. Some of us record sporting events and don't get a chance to watch them for several days (Monday night's football game, for instance, where -- I just read somewhere -- the Steelers beat the Broncos ;-).

              1. re: Harry Nile

                YOu'd have to live in a cave to not know that score as of 4:08 on Wednesday, two days after the game.
                But the Smith Bros. do create fabulous burgers - they were the most popular item on the Crocodile Cafe menu, and I am sure they are nearly the most ordered item at Smitty's as well.
                Saw a big crowd in Cheval Blanc on Monday night on the way to another restaurant nearby, so some people are getting the place. Hope they have a burger on the menu.

                1. re: carter

                  Me no live in cave, carter-man! Have house with windows, running toilets, DVR, etc. Well, DVR, anyway.

                  The next time you're out in public and hear a sports result mentioned loudly, look around, and you'll probably see someone with my kind of intense work schedule wincing because he hasn't had a chance to finish watching the game yet. For some reason, it usually happens in a grocery store or other unexpected place.

                  As to Smitty's, I'm also a fan of their burgers -- especially the "Smokehouse" with bacon and cheddar -- preceded by a, yes, I'll admit it, Fifties-style bean and cheese dip that would make Tito's proud, and accompanied by a plate of fried potatoes and fried onions. Very nice hot-fudge sundae for dessert (ask for the off-menu small size if you're full) and a pretty good little bar. I've seen a few poor reviews of Smitty's on the Web but have always had very successful meals there (including service from some of the older waiters) -- more enjoyable, actually, than a couple of visits to their much-pricier Arroyo Chop House several years ago, for instance.