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Best Pot Pie in Boston?

It's getting cold out there, which means I'm looking more and more for comfort food staples at area restaurants. Can anyone recommend where I can order a great pot pie? Buttery, flaky pastry toppings, quality meat, and savory sauces are a must. Thank you!

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  1. Not in Boston, but if Abington is convenient, the Abington Ale House does a great chicken pot pie. Great crust, generous chicken portions and topped with mashed potatos. Or, you could get a take out at Harrows in Reading or Medford.

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      I just tried Harrows for the first time last week and really enjoyed it. I got an individual pie with carrots and potatoes. It was very tasty and full of chicken. I will definitely be going back!


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        while neither of these is a traditional "enclosed" pie, both New England Soup Factory and Strip-T's in Watertown make a very good "soupy" chicken pot pie served with light flaky biscuits on top.

        Strip-T's Restaurant
        93 School St, Watertown, MA 02472

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          Harrows is our stand-by for a good winter dinner. We order the "chicken only" pie and pick it up on the way home from work. The night before we cook some carrots and potatoes. Scoop the pie over the veggies and there is a great meal. If I can sneak them in I also saute some 'shrooms.

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          The newest Harrows is located at 275 Mystic Ave (Route 38) Medford MA. 02155. Their phone number is: 781-306-0410.

        3. At the risk of being hissed at, my 2 fav chicken pot pies are from Boston Chicken and ,,,KFC. I use to like Harrows but now find that there isn't any sauce just thick gloppy pasty stuff.

          1. have you tried Petsi Pies? a little light on the sauce iirc but you might find it to your liking

            Petsi Pies
            285 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143

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              I second this. I agree on the slight lack of sauce but delicious.

            2. Actually I hate to say it, but Joe's American Bar & Grill has an AWESOME pot pie

              1. My 2 favorite are:

                - John Harvard's in Harvard Sq
                - Durgin Park down near the waterfront

                They're boring places overall, but if (as I assume) you're looking for your standard, tasty chicken pot pies they're perfect.

                Durgin Park
                1 Faneuil Hall Sq, Boston, MA 02109

                1. The best Pot Pie in the Boston area is at the Winthrop Arms (Winthrop). Keep in mind it is only served on "T" days.

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                    Yes, yummy Pot Pie at Winthrop Arms and served by really nice waitresses who say things like: "You're in luck dear, today is chicken pot pie day." She was so right!

                  2. My bf swears by the one at O'Hara's in Newton

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                      O'Hara's has excellent food in general.

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                        Very true...place is pretty fantastic all the way around

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                        I haven't been there in years, but i recall the chicken pot pie WAS excellent at O'hara's.

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                          I was just going to say the exact same thing about O'haras. Shepards pie too

                      3. This may not be what you had in mind, but the lobster pot pie that's currently on West Side Lounge is excellent.

                        West Side Lounge
                        1680 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138

                        1. Some friends and I lunched at the new Post 390 last week, and two of us had the turkey pot pies. They describe the crust as having sour cream and chive, and I thought it was a good crust, but I didn't eat all of it, as I was sort of watching the carbs. The other pie eater scraped the bowl clean. There was lots of turkey in the pie. The crust was flaky and it had a great sauce. It was not a huge serving for fifteen dollars,but more than you would want at lunch.

                          Post 390
                          406 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116

                          1. I feel like I got punked by the Phantom. Again. I picked up a Harrow's chicken pie and found it to be just okay -- definitely not rave-worthy.

                            Crust was a little bit sweet, which annoys me. Filling (I got mine with veggies) was okay, but the gravy was a bit thick and gloopy and pretty salty. To be fair, it *is* chock full of chicken, and the chicken itself is moist and flavorful. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing actively BAD about the pie, but it was kind of like the pies your mom used to pop in the oven when you were a kid. I'm looking forward to comparing it to Petsi's in the near future.

                            Any other pot pie sightings in the area (in addition to this list, of course)?

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                              Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't love Harrow's. I made the trek once and found it pretty mediocre.

                              I remember liking Petsi's alot, but wishing there was more gravy (that was a while ago, though.) I'm going to check out a decent-looking pie at Idylwilde Farm in Acton next time I'm there for a work lunch panini run. Anyone had theirs?

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                                I just had my first Harrow's at a party a couple weeks ago and had a hard time staying away from it. I thought it was really good, flaky crust (didn't notice any sweetness), lots of chicken, okay veggies, perhaps a tad gloopy but not too much. I'm never around their locations but will definitely have it again.

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                                  I wonder if this is a case where different people have different ideals for a pot pie?

                                  As far as Harrow's goes, I've always been curious - I never trust anything pitched by PG, but sometimes they turn out to be right.

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                                    I also have found Harrows to be very salty , starchy and not that great.

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                                  If you don't mind driving to Quincy, Gennaro's makes a good one. It's only available on Wednesdays though and they can run out quickly so it's best to call.

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                                    Deep Ellum had a fantastic veggie pot pie last year but I just checked the website - it is not on the current menu. Guess we haven't been by in some time. Well, the style was very much to my liking - bland (i.e., neither sweet, nor over-powering) crust, creamy gravy, and loads of root veggies. And it was HUGE.

                                    Also, kind of in the same realm is the veggie Shepherd's pie at Precinct in Union Sq. I've had good and mediocre versions of this - best to check it out when the kitchen's not swamped. When they are on, though, I love this dish, especially in the winter. Loads of veggies, nice crust, lots of creamy mashed potatoes. I feel a craving coming on right now, in fact!

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                                      I like both the veggie and the regular shephard's pie at Precinct.

                                  2. I've had a fantastic pot pies at Rendezvous. Not sure if one is currently on the menu.

                                    I was underwhelmed by the lobster pie at West Side. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing bad about the pie ;-) but perhaps lobster isn't the best for this purpose.

                                    502 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139

                                    1. I don't know about the best as I don't really order pot pie, but in Cambridge at least, I do like Henrietta's Table's chicken pot pie.

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                                        I think Baker's Best makes a great chicken pot pie, very reasonably priced, good quality chicken, just the right amount of sauce, and a great, flaky crust.

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                                          Good to know. Never even thought of Baker's Best.

                                      2. Just had one from Pie Bakery and Cafe in Newton - it was really good, with loads of chicken. The crust was excellent, with very distinct layers. Their Key Lime pie was great, too, with a concentrated, fresh lime flavor.

                                        1. formaggio has turkey and chicken pot pies in the freezer case. not a traditional crust but dufor puff on top. freebird chicken with peas, carrots, onions and herbs in a hearty veloute made with their homemade chicken stock. not cheap but definitely tasty.

                                          1. Tried the Harrow's pot pie with chicken and vegetables - as another poster noted it was very starchy and I also found it to be quite bland. The crust was fantastic, but the filling quite unremarkable.

                                            1. Just bought two seafood pot pies from Mercato($9) a piece, will report back after dinner.