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Nov 8, 2009 02:03 PM

Wine Pairing for Shrimp in Pesto Cream Sauce?

Later this month I'm going to be serving a dish of large shrimp that have simmered in a pesto cream sauce, which will be served over brown rice cooked with pancetta, fennel, & leek. I'm wondering what you may suggest for a wine to accompany? I'd like to offer both red and white -- maybe something no more than $25 each? Thanks much!

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  1. Shrimp w/pesto is a panzer division marching in.
    I'd only confront it with the peace & love approach.
    Say pinot grigio, even prosecco on the white front, leave the reds out of the picture.

    1. A quality Vermentino di Gallura from Sardinia or a falanghina from Campania for white I think is best. Bubbles always work. Rose would go pretty well. Red? I'd probably stay away as well.

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          I'll third Rose bubbles both here and below.
          So maybe that's a fifth. Dunno.

        1. White: Alsatian Pinot Gris (AVOID Italian Pinot Grigio) or Gewurztraminer, Trentino Alto Adige Gewurztraminer, or Austrian Riesling.

          Red: Cru Beaujolais, but white is a better option.

          1. I'd avoid any aromatic or fruity wine woth pesto: the strong pesto sauce taste won't allow you to comletely enjoy the delicate fruity notes of most aromatic wines.
            I'd suggest you a Pigato (a dry, firm white wine from Liguria, the same Italian region where Pesto comes from), a Poully fumè (a dry, mild acid France Wine) or a good Barrique Chardonnay wine.