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Nov 8, 2009 01:06 PM

Atlantic City Hot Dogs

Will be in AC for 3 days later this month, and have found a lot of info on other threads for both dinner and lunch. For lunch we're considering White House Subs and maybe, Opa. But I have not found any info on NJ hot dog joints in AC. Any info would be appreciated.

White House Sub Shop
2301 Arctic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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  1. i don't know of any down there unless there are ones on the boardwalk or in casinos? maybe some hot dog trucks or carts? White House subs you will enjoy!

    1. Fred,
      You may be in luck, cause the "New England Hot Dog Company" is supposed to have just opened in the AC Outlets.. (by Caesars)

      They are mostly in New England (makes sense, huh?!), but there are a few locations in NJ now...
      I've been to the Freehold, NJ one....
      it was'nt really my cup of tea... but YOU might like it !!

      Other than that, just hot dog carts...

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      1. re: ellen4441

        And I must say, the owner of the New England Hot Dog Co. in Freehold, NJ really bent over backwards for me.... he was so nice and answered all my hot dog inquires, etc....
        They use some sort of rollers to cook the hot dogs on.. just not my type of prep...
        but it might be YOURS !
        And back then, they were using FROZEN french fries , which were a turnoff to me..
        but NOW, they've got fresh cut ones!

        1. re: ellen4441

          do you know if they used a particular vendor for thier hotdogs? ie, the hotdog carts around AC use Sabrett

          1. re: fastnoypi

            The New England Hot Dog Co. was using a few different vendors...
            one was all beef , one was a beef/pork mixture....(wish I remembered the names_

            and they were supposed to get the "famed" Maple Leaf hot dog brand (direct from New England!) However, the Freehold location was still getting their kinks out when I was there a bunch of months ago, and did not have the Maple Leaf brand yet... it's supposed to be a pork/beef mix

      2. Don't know if it's still there, but used to hang out at Lenny's Hot Dogs in Margate

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        1. re: saeyedoc

          Lenny's is gone..

          There IS a JUNIOR'S, which is right across from Tomato's (great restaurant, featuring sushi) right on the bay... BUT ...Junior's is just open during the summer...
          real good hot dogs and homemade donuts there.... SUMMER ONLY

        2. There are not any real well known hot dog joints in or near Atlantic City. That doesn't mean that you won't find a good hot dog. There are places in North Jersey that are primarily lunchenettes that serve outstanding hot dogs. There may be a few in Atlantic City. I just don't know of any. South Jersey is basically a hot dog wasteland compared to North Jersey. Maui's in Wildwood is the most popular place in the area and they are closed for the season. Hot Dog Tommy's in Cape May is mediocre and overrated.

          As for the New England Hot Dog Company, let me say that they use a few brands, as Ellen mentioned. They have beef dogs, beef/pork dogs, poultry dogs, veggie dogs, etc. And a million toppings and combinations. Too many in my opinion. And you have to specify how you want your roll; toasted, plain, steamed, grilled. Hot dogs twenty ways to Tuesday. Too much action going on, too many choices. When you have that many options, it's hard to do everything right. Very few hot dog joints that try to be all things to all people wind up doing anything right. Friends of mine that have gone were disappointed. A million toppings, but they came out of a big can. Dogs were not hot enough.

          Maple Leaf is not served at New England Hot Dog Co. despite their intention to get them. I do know that they serve a Boars Head beef as well as a Boars Head beef/pork dog. A quality brand, but skinless and served on a roller grill. A roller grill! This is New Jersey where we love and appreciate hot dogs. Roller Grills are for gas stations, 7-11's, and movie theatres. They recently started using a real grill at Freehold, but you have to special request it. To me, any place using a roller grill is not an authentic old school Jersey hot dog joint. New England Hot Dog Co. is a New England Chain that has no idea or feel for New Jersey Hot Dog culture. It is to Jersey Hot Dogs what the Olive Garden is to Italian food.

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          1. re: hotdoglover

            Very expressive; well said, hotdoglover !!
            Yes, that IS too many decisions to have to make! Who wants to have THAT many choices on how I want my hot dog ROLL ?!?

            And TOPPINGS till Tuesday?!?
            Just give me some deli mustard and perhaps some gilled onions, and I'm a happy camper!

            1. re: ellen4441

              P.S. And why does the "real" grill have to be a special request at the New England Hot Dog Company"? It should be automatic, IMO...

              But, I DO have to say that this was one of those places I felt SO bad NOT liking, cause the owner was SO darn nice to me....
    's a place that I felt good giving my business and money to, even though the food and prep. just was'nt my type....

              1. re: ellen4441

                I agree. The guy I spoke with was pleasant also. It seems to be the case often. But while service and owners/managers/employees that are friendly are a plus; the bottom line is that we are there for the hot dogs. And in this case, there are much better choices. Maybe not in Atlantic City, but certainly in Freehold where Frankly Burgers & More serves exceptional hot dogs.

                1. re: hotdoglover

                  AGREED, as I LOVED the Italian Hot Dog at Frankly Burgers in Freehold....(it's in a Foodtown shopping center, with bad signage, )
                  Nice owners + great hot dogs = a perfect combo !!!

                  If I was ever at New England Hot Dog Company again, I would prefer to give the guy 5 bucks for a soda, and tell him to forget the hot dog!

          2. Here are a few PICS of the New England Hot Dog Company in Atlantic City..
            I was disappointed to see it was just a mini-trailer/concession stand..
            (the other location I've been to in Freehold was free-standing)
            (but being I did'nt care for it , anyway, why does it really matter, lol)
            ...see my ATTACHED PICS !