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Nov 8, 2009 12:12 PM

Mail Order Cookies and Brownies?

Any suggestions for amazing cookies and/or brownies to send out for holiday gifts? Thank you!

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  1. In Canada we have Cookies by George that are amazing...not sure where you are or where they ship outside Canada.

    1. Someone has told me that Carol's Cookies are amazing. I haven't tried them myself, but they are online.

        1. Dancing Deer. They have good customer service, stand behind their product even if its an error with the shipping company, and I love the molasses clove cookies, the gingerbread cake and chocolate tangerine cookies.

          1. The BEST mail order brownies ever,. hands down: Zingerman's Magic Brownies:

            Lots of other great stuff for holiday giving too but the brownes are to die for.