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Nov 8, 2009 12:04 PM

Portland Me

Going to Portland for my B day on tues. nov 10th. thinking apps and sparkling @ Hugos then full dinner @ fore st. and then lunch @ duck fat day after. What should I do after dinner we like good beer, wine, craft cocktails, live music just about any thing but I understand it's a tuesday in Nov. any thoughts?

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  1. Tuesdays are pretty tame here but there are still people out. For the best selection of beer and a great spot for a couple, check out novare....

    Gritty's(no I don't work for them) can sometimes have a good crowd on a Tuesday night since it's two dollar beer for mug members. Try a Black Fly Stout.

    Not sure where else will have much going on on a Tuesday. Just roam around a bit I guess. There's Rira and Bull Feeney's, both big irish bars within a block or two of your post dinner.

    Bull Feeney's
    375 Fore St., Portland, ME 04101

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      I 2nd novare res!!! Plus you could walk there from Fore St.

    2. The Great Lost Bear is a couple miles from downtown, but they have 60+ beers on tap and Tuesdays is "short beer" night, 23 oz. drafts for $4.25. Not a romantic atmosphere, of course, but still a fun place.

      1. There's jazz at One Longfellow tonight - it's a great listening room with a small bar (a couple kinds of local beer, a few choices for wine, some cookies), and the prices are right...

        Happy birthday, and enjoy! Sounds like a great trip.