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Nov 8, 2009 11:33 AM

Russian sweet wine

has anyone ever heard of a Russian wine( red semi-sweet) called Aoktop and if so where to find in NY.

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  1. Have not heard of it.
    A place called Empire Wine in Albany has a bunch of wine from Moldova and the Ukraine.
    PJ Wine in New York has one kind of wine from Moldova.
    Those might be good places to start.
    Locally, we had a Russian/eastern European deli that carried Russian and eastern European wine. It closed by the way, so I can't check for you.

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    1. re: SteveTimko

      Thank you a lot, Moldova and Ukraine are supposedly the region it came from so you are correct and close.

      1. re: gottoblast

        Bostavan Yephbin Aoktop - Moldova

        Called Doktor or Black Doktor.
        Aoktop = Doktor

        Winery -- Vinaria Bostavan -- website:

        USA importer:
        BROOKLYN NY 11235 USA
        Phone 917-945-3734

        Customer Service: 917-476-8903

    2. According to WineSearcherPro, that wine is not available in the US (assuming the spelling is correct).

      1. The source of confusion is that some letters in the Cyrillic and Roman alphabets look similar, but represent different sounds. The wine is "Black Doctor," which is "Chyerniy Doktor" in Russian. Using the Cyrillic alphabet, that becomes "Черный Доктор." And Doktor - Доктор - looks a lot like, but is very different than, Aoktop.

        Habits ingrained by the alphabet you use may actually be harder to break than those attributable to language. So cognates and other words that should make intuitive sense, well, don't. When we were in Russia, it took a while before a friend of mine twigged to the fact that "ресторан" is pronounced "restoran," not "pectopah." Once he did, it was far easier for him to find a meal.

        1. Using "Black Doctor" (or "Black Doktor") in WineSearcherPro as the spelling, it turns out that Empire Wine in Albany carries this wine: