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Nov 8, 2009 11:28 AM

Farberware coffee percolator - disappointing

I have the small version of the electric coffee percolator (4-6 cups) and have tried many times to replicate the rich taste of perked coffee from the same model that I had back in the late 70s. I ususally use a strong roast and have tried different grinds but the coffee always tastes thin and has a bit of a metalic taste. Anybody have any suggestions?

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  1. malpeque, I had one of those for a while....maybe ten years ago...and the coffee was actually quite good. (I think, like you, I decided to get one because I remembered how good the coffee my mother made in an electric percolator was.) I don't know if the quality of the percolator has decreased since I had mine, but first of all, I was wondering how you cleaned it when you first got it? I was going to suggest that, if you haven't, you might try running running it through its cycle two or three times consecutively with vinegar instead of water and grounds. Then run it through it's cycle a couple of times to rinse out the vinegar. I never had a problem with a metallic taste in mine, so I don't *know* that this will work for you, but it *does* improve the coffee immensely whenever it is time to "deep clean" a coffee pot...

    Have you tried changing the basket liners? Do you use bleached or unbleached?

    Hubby and I also love strong coffee, so I always put in a spoon or two "for the pot", but I assume you've tried this and I also assume you only taste this metallic quality when you make coffee--IOW, you don't notice it with your water generally?