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Nov 8, 2009 11:03 AM

Buffet Menu for 70 People

We are planning a holiday party for 75 people, served buffet-style. The main dish that I have in mind is boneless chicken breasts in a morel cream sauce. I'd normally serve that with buttered egg noodles, but am thinking that the buffet requires something that holds better and is possibly more colorful. The potato gratins that I've used on buffets seem wrong with a cream sauce on the chicken. Any suggestions for some great accompaniments?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. You don't say whether the guests will be eating while standing and circulating or if you have tables for them to sit down to eat. If you don't have seating for everyone, chicken breasts can be a real problem because they require a knife and fork and two free hands.

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      Sorry I didn't specify. Some will be seated while others mingle. I envision using chicken tenders and serving manageable bite-size pieces.

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        With some people eating while standing, mashed or chunk potatoes of some sort get extra credit - noodles and rice are more likely to slip off the fork, and with sauce on them that can mean soiled clothing.

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          Agree about the mashed taters.

          A barley or rice dish might be a nice pairing with that, too. I love barley and mushrooms together!!

    2. Simple mashed sweet potatoes, rather than a gratin, would be a colorful alternative to noodles or regular mashed potatoes. Pioneer Woman's Crash Potatoes are also delicious and have a lot of visual appeal (google that one or search on this board). I'd go with dark green vegetables - spinach and/or broccoli.

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        crispy sweet potato cakes were in my head and will hold for hours. nice textural contrast too.

        i'm guessing you already have a veggie side?

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          or a grit cake would be lovely too

      2. You could do a nice roasted vegetable rice pilaf: roast off some shallots, celery, garlic, diced winter squash (butternut or acorn squash and maybe even some brussels sprouts) Toast the rice in a little olive oil then add chicken or veggie stock; stir in the veggies at the end with some dried cranberries and maybe some fresh spinach & toasted walnuts. Colorful and a perfect match to chicken

        1. Roasted red potatoes would be very nice, tossed with olive oil and rosemary, and not very labor intensive.

          1. Red or purple rice is what I go for when I need a long-holding dish with color, and I usually add some diced red onion that's been sauteed until tender and translucent, sometime add julienned yellow bell pepper as well. I've found the red and purple rice at Whole Foods and Wegmans before.

            Another idea (but I can't vouch for how well it holds for such a big crowd) would be noodle cakes -- cooked pasta like thin spaghetti or angel hair -- mixed with a little egg and melted butter and herbs and sauteed onion, and put in a rimmed sheet pan to about 1" thick and baked then cut into servings.