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Nov 8, 2009 10:14 AM

Freddy's Kitchen, Mississauga

Has anyone been to this caribbean take-out on Hurontario? Reviews?

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  1. Great Jerk Chicken, generous portions, friendly staff, Quick and easy.

    1. Considering the amount of Caribbean restaurants in the core are of Mississauga, this is a nice hidden spot. I was a little reluctant when I got there are there was no posted menu and as per the standard in many take-out caribbean restaurants, food was not sitting in a steam table at the front of the restaurant. I ordered the Jerk Chicken dinner and was pleasantly surprised. The portion was generous (not just a heap of rice) and the food was very flavourful. If you are willing to try something different order the shrimp pasta dish. It is made to order, so it does take some time, but it is very good (spicy!).

      The service was extremely friendly and courteous, which added value to the experience. When I went there, I saw at least 2 catering pick ups in addition to a number of regular take out orders, so they definitely have a following.

      1. Had the escoveitched fish with rice and veggies on the weekend. The fish was a good size and was very tender and flaky. They are generous with the sides too I asked for oxtail gravy for my rice and they provided it no extra charge.

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