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Nov 8, 2009 10:06 AM

Local D'lish and the Winter Market in the North Loop (MSP)

I'm sure a lot of you are already aware of this, but I thought I would give it a plug since I've had such good experiences with this store. The Local D'lish located at 208 N 1st Street in Minneapolis is a local/boutique grocery store that is local minded. The owner, Anne, has visited a lot of the places that she sources her products from. The store is really an amazing place for foodies. While the selection is not spectacular, it does offer a good variety of products at reasonable prices. All the dairy products from Castle Rock are delivered on Wednesday, the other fresh products are on a similar schedules, weekly deliveries in small quantities.

Since the Mill City Market closed a few weeks ago for Winter, D'lish has started their Winter Market. The first was yesterday, Saturday, November 7th. A handful of vendors set up in the store from 10-2, about a dozen were there yesterday. The store is small, so I would imagine this is about the number one should anticipate throughout the Winter. I forget the names of all the vendors, but from what I remember:
-Mr. Matt Oxford of Wild Run Salmon was there selling Sockeye Salmon with his son (I presume)
-Salsa Lady was selling 4 or 5 types of salsas
-a bakery selling fresh bread
-another table was set up with smoked Trout and I think smoked Salmon also
-some nice looking people with a table full of honey
-Sweets Bakeshop (I think...the very cute girl at the table made me way too shy to investigate lol) was selling cupcakes and other cupcake-like things

There were a few more, but my memory is failing me. In any case, the twenty or so minutes I spent there were pretty lively, lots of people coming in and out and some live music (blocking my return of the reusable milk bottles that Castle Rock uses).

All of D'lish's regular selection was available as well. Some highlights include local ice cream, pastas, various frozen meats, local produce, milk, eggs, fresh chicken (whole birds, thighs, wings, and breasts, all skin-on/bone-in), jams and jellys, soup things, salsas, various oils and other pantry type items (with interesting varieties).

I'd like to note that I am in no way affiliated with this store, simply an occasional customer that appreciates how I'm treated while I am there and would like to see the store stick around through this brutal economy. As a 23 year old guy, going into a store like D'lish alone can be incredibly awkward, so it is very relieving when Anne makes a point of saying hello to me in the first couple minutes I am there, even though I've only met her once before.

Her website is http://localdlish.com/ but it still needs a lot of work. I think she updates Facebook and Twitter on a more regular basis. The dates for the upcoming Winter Markets are:
November 21st
December 5th and 19th
January 17th
February 21st
March 21st
April 18th

Local D'lish
208 N 1st St, Minneapolis, MN 55401

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  1. can i help? the bakery selling fresh bread was probably BCB (bread coffee cake, in st paul) or, solomon bakery (mpls).

    the salmon. yum. get some. family operation. great wild caught alaskan salmon.

    smoked trout and salmon people-- star prairie trout farm (WI), i presume. good stuff.

    nice people with honey-- ames farm, i presume? fantabulous single source honey. maybe they had some apple products, too?

    few more folks-- hopefully these were the local meat farmers, sunshine harvest (grassfed beef & lamb) and the sustainable pork farm (mn valley organics/donner family farm). drool worthy on both counts but not very displayable products (most everything is sold frozen).

    i didn't make it to the market this week but the above is what i remember from last year and from the market. my $0.02 on the castle rock products Diearzte2 mentions is that i am abjectly addicted to the cream top chocolate milk. omg. i guzzle it until i have a tummy ache. screw lactose intolerance. screw solid food. do not get between soupkitten and a glass bottle of castle rock cream top chocolate milk, if you value your life and mobility. i am not responsible for my actions. if the economy gets much worse, and you see a pathetic woman under the I-94 bridge holding a corrugated cardboard sign saying "will work for castle rock chocolate milk," well, that's me. so you might never want to try the castle rock cream top chocolate milk, unless you're willing to throw it all away-- family, job, your future. . . yeah. ---did i just say that out loud? i mean, it's pretty good stuff. i like to have some occasionally in small doses, one or two ounces. . . just recreationally, socially, you know. i can quit any time i want. it's not like castle rock cream top chocolate milk rules my life, or anything-- that would be silly.

    1. Thanks for the reminder...I love this place too. I'll try to get there soon!

      1. I love Local D'Lish! If you go, try some of the crackers from Nicole's Divine Crackers in Chicago.

        When I was researching Chicago food for a trip last summer, I saw many rave reviews, but thought, "Oh, heck - they're just crackers." But I was wrong --- they're AMAZING!!!! Treat yourself to a box and you'll be a convert, too.

        I'm happy that Local D'Lish carries them (or did, a few months ago), thus saving me the drive to Chicago.