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Nov 8, 2009 09:34 AM

99 Ranch to open in Pleasanton?

Their website indicates that a Pleasanton location is "coming soon". Interesting, given that they've just opened a site in Dublin, and now Concord. Does anyone know where the new site will be?

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  1. from 99 Ranch website:
    Pleasanton Store
    4299 Rosewood Dr., Pleasanton,CA 94588

    1. It's in the Rose Pavilion shopping center where the Levitz or Brueners once was. Planned opening is spring next year.

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        Thank you both. Given the proximity of Dublin's store, 99 Ranch must be pretty sure that the Dublin/Pleasanton area can support two stores. They've also just opened a store in Houston, TX, which already has a number of large and established Asian markets, so they seem to be in an expansionist mode. Good luck to them.