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Nov 8, 2009 08:54 AM

Hyper "hyped"

Last night we finally had a reservation at the much hyped Flour + Water and I learned how to add. The sum is zero. We were told they would hold our 5:45 time only 15 minutes. When we arrived at 5:40 there was a long line so we told the maitre d' we were there. He told us to get back in line, that there were five minutes to go before we could be seated. At 5:50 he gave us a long lecture on how their timing works so as to make it easy on the staff. Totally chastised we were granted a table. The service was fine but alas the food wasn't worth the lecture. This was the first time my Italian husband couldn't find a pasta that didn't sound like a lab experiment. The food was mediocre at best -- not one dish was well executed and it certainly didn't sing of the "simple" or of the "Italian" -- and the side of attitude didn't help. We were sorely disappointed. Beware of the hyper "hype". It usually doesn't add up.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      There were six of us and we had many different things: bass crudo (no taste), marinated mackerel, chestnut tagliatelle, pappardelle, pork belly (tasteless), skate (dry and poorly cooked), pheasant (so-so), rice pudding (the best thing we had) and chestnut cake. Not one thing was well cooked and certainly not memorable---except for the rudeness.

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      1. I can't speak in depth of the food, but I will just say, their pizzas looked better in photos than the reality and I'd like to think I witnessed an off day.

        The service was an good attempt at politeness, but it's as if the establishment was designed for maximum discomfort. They smile at you and tell you to wait, but there's really nowhere to wait. I look forward to the day when restaurant names, celeb chefs, etc. aren't afraid to open establishments large enough to accommodate their business. The idea of opening an intimate or quaint place where it doesn't belong, at the inconvenience of the clientele, must be one of the worst trends in SF dining. If you want to see the reasons why, visit Flour + Water.

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        1. re: sugartoof

          We had excellent, friendly service tonight. 5:45 res. There was always someone passing by doing something to or for our table. Food was good, but not up tp the hype. Doesn't meet Pizzaiolo standards, in my opinion, overall. Four of us ordered: pheasant which was ok, a pork roast which was very good, tender, a crispy pork appetizer terrine, with salsify, which was tasty, but i could not taste the black truffle, oxtail marrow in a delicious broth - lots of depth, possibly my favorite thing that we tried. duck breast which was tender but not very flavorful. a special of squid ink chitarra pasta with fennel, which was toothsome and good, although the fennel got lost in the squid ink, a tagiatelle with chestnuts and roasted "game bird" which had flavor if you got a piece of the game bird. we ordered the funghi pizza, with hen of the woods and hedgehog mushrooms, taleggio and thyme - excellent flavor, if a tad salty, but their crust is nothing to write home about. just not crispy enough. for dessert we got the goat cheese cake with quince - the cheesecake was a bit dry, and as an afterthought we ordered the chocolate budino with espresso caramel cream and sea salt ice cream (Humphrey Slocums) which was delicious - you could easily taste every flavor. We brought a bottle of white for a $15 corkage, and had a bottle of Sorbaiano, a Tuscan red which we all liked. total was $200 for 4, not at all bad. Nothing was bad, just nothing stood out all that much. I like the space, and again, we had excellent service. Just not worth a two month wait for a 5:45 reservation on a Sunday.