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Nov 8, 2009 08:48 AM

Charles Fried Chicken-Welcome Back!

I made a much anticipated return to the buffet at Charles SoulStyle Kitchen newly renamed and reopened as Charles Panfried Chicken in Harlem. Despite a few changes (more $$), Mr. Gabriel's offerings are as delicious as I remembered. I tried the Fried Chicken, yams, greens, Mac and Cheese, barbeque pork ribs, cabbage and the corn bread.

Fried Chicken-Absolutely delicious, crispy skin, lightly and impeccably spiced. Just yummy, great stuff. Had too many returns to the buffet line to count for this. Mr. Gabriel's claim on the city's s fried chicken crown is still imo credible despite the numerous challengers.

Pork Ribs- Sweet sauce, melt off the bone meat. This was quite good although I don't remember having had this in the old joint. It was really, really good. It was unexpected and quite something else.

But we must get to the sides, the yams were pure unadulterated delicious sugar. It was perfection on the palate. So good, so bad for you. Mac and Cheese= yummy. Enough said. The greens were also quite something, they weren't too porky or salty. All in all, Charles was a really great experience. The service was excellent. My only negative is that the prices have gone up to $14.99 (this includes a drink) and I wasn't wowed by the cornbread.

Charles' Country Pan-Fried Chicken
2837 8th Ave, New York, NY 10039

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  1. Charles, and his wonderful chicken has never gone away. He's been frying chicken at Rack and Soul for some times.

    1. We took a trip out there last week; got there before 3PM when the prices are only $10.99.
      Excellent sides and very good chicken as well. I especially like the Mac/Cheese and the greens and there were probably a dozen other dishes to sample (baked chicken, cow's feet, green salad plus the items mentioned in the review above). Well worth another visit.
      Be aware that this is a very small establishment, with room for no more than 20 diners, so you might have to wait at peak periods.