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Where to get Old Bay seasoning

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I've been trying to find Old Bay seasoning in Mississauga with no success. Does anyone know where I can buy some in Mississauga, Brampton or West Toronto?

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  1. Try Costco or Longos

    1. I've seen it around, I'm pretty sure Diana's on Lawrence has it. Even some regular grocery stores might.

      1. I bought Old Bay last week at the Longo's at York Mills/Leslie.........

        1. At pretty much every fresh fish vendor at St Lawrence market

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            Also Lively Life in the basement... that stuff is amazing.

          2. Did you try Michael Angelo's or Highland Farms?

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              they have it at seafood depot weston rd & steeles

            2. Oh thank god, i thought it was gone forever. I used it for my unfried - fried chicken recipie.
              Will have to run to Longo's tonight.

              1. i've seen it at the ponytrail longos

                1. if you are in west end. try Snappers Fish Market in Bloor West Village at Bloor and Durie. They usually have it.

                  Fish Market Restaurant
                  54 St York, Ottawa, ON K1N5T1, CA

                  1. This is not exactly a gourmet destination but I bought some at Zeller's once in their food aisle.

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                      I went to Longo's oakville and could not locate it.. going to have to hit the Fishmarkets.
                      Where is Ponytrail Longo's?

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                        I saw it at the longos at Trafalgar and Dundas yesterday.

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                          That's the one by my house.. which section fish or spices?

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                            spices. its on the lower shelf near the floor

                    2. Michael-Angelo's on Erin Mills Pkwy always have it in their spices and seasonings section. That's where I regularly buy it.

                      1. I am assuming this is what I would have tasted in Maryland at a port town on Chesapeake Bay. They also had Old Bay flavoured chips (which were actually pretty tasty!). Has anyone seen these potato chips locally?