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Nov 8, 2009 07:48 AM

Bin 100, Milford, CT

This was our first time visiting Bin 100 after numerous reviews and rec's from other Ch'ers and friends. Brought my wife for her 36th b-day and I probably should not have mentioned that number, but hey she's still young so what's the worry. Our reservations were for 9:30 and the place was still packed with a few in the bar area. Live 2 piece jazz band was playing in a corner of the back dining area...LOVE IT already. We were seated quickly and upon entering the dining area you have to appreciate the detail that went into the decor of the place.
Great wine list with many selections from all wine countries. Pricing was reasonable on bottles. Great Spanish wine list. I chose a 2004 red from Priorat region, which took some time to open , but once it did it was very good.
For starters, Mrs. had the Polpette...four generous meatballs with a dollop of seasoned fresh ricotta and plum tomato sauce. Very good. Presentation was top on. Sauce was delicious. We needed more bread to soak the remainder up. I'm a sucker for fried calamari and Bin 100 does this with a twist. They use an aioli style sauce called a "ponzu" sauce. The waiter assured me that this was the farthest thing from Helmanns. Even though I am an adult, I have disliked anything in the mayo family since I was a child. I ask for a side of tomato sauce, but at least tried the ponzu. I can appreciate the flavor and all that went into the ponzu, but it's a mental thing.
Main...Mrs. had the Chicken Valdostana, egg-battered chicken breast layered with Parma prosciutto and Fontina cheese over spinach, demi-glaze. Again beautiful presentation and 3 gorgeous pieces of chicken breast. Too much for Mrs. to handle. I chose the Beef Duo, Braised short rib, grilled Bistro Steak, potato puree, glazed root vegetables, truffle rioja sauce. Again presentation, great....Taste phenom! Steak was oh so tender and the short rib was to die for. Sauce was a huge hit with an almost maple flavor on the finish. I normally do not eat red meat that late in the evening, but I could not help myself to finish the entire plate. I did pay for it this morning though.
Dessert...Mrs. had the Churros which blew away my pumpkin cheese cake. Topped off with an espresso and a glass of fino sherry.
The waiter, Van, was fantanstic. Sang happy b-day to the Mrs. and couldn't have been more amusing, polite and welcoming than say an older Italian uncle stopping over for Sunday sauce.
Jazz music was a bit loud at first, but volume came down as the set went on. Around 10:30ish a woman came up to sing. What a beautiful voice she had.
I would have to say that the experience at Bin 100 was an overall hit. I would def go again to try the array of other offerings they have. Music was a huge plus. One of the absolute best restaurants in Milford.

Bin 100 Restaurant
100 Lansdale Ave, Milford, CT 06460

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  1. We finally went to Bin 100 a few weeks ago, and while the food was very good, the service when we were there was absolutely terrible.

    We sat in the bar, and waited several minutes before my SO finally went to the bar to order our drinks (there were two other singles and a couple of people at the bar, the restaurant section was about 1/2 full). He's a beer drinker, and was extremely underwhelmed by their selection. I had a glass of the house Pinot Grigio.

    The bartender brought our drinks and menus, and service fell apart from then. Maybe 15 minutes before our order was finally taken by a server (small plates- Calamari fritti, garlic shrimp and crab cakes). Then another 15 minutes for the Calamari to be served-they served the plates as separate courses, instead of all at once- if we go back, I will ask for small plates to be brought at the same time, and/or will sit in the dining area. Calamari was delicious , perfectly fried (i would have appreciated tentacles as well as rings), a relatively small portion for $12. Ponzu sauce was basically tartar with a nice bite from a lot of fresh grated ginger. That was the last food we saw for about 45 minutes- when they brought another portion of calamari!! After we informed the server of the mistake, instead of leaving it as a token offering, she took it away, and another 15-20 minutes went by before our shrimp came. They were very good, but nothing special. Then another 15 minutes or so for the crab cakes. Also good, but not nearly as good as Bridge House, IMO.

    We were apologized to and promised that our food would be checked on several times by both our server and the bartender, but 3 small plates and 1 drink shouldn't take almost 2 hours!!! The worst part was they kept sending people by the main door to exit through the door in the bar that was inches away from me (people were literally bumping my chair as they exited, not to mention blasting me with icy air) on one of the most arctic nights of the season. One of the regular patrons finally took pity on me and put a bar stool in front of the door, telling me as he did that the door is normally locked. We just didn't feel cared for at all. At $61 for 3 good(not great) appetizers and drinks, it was not only not a great value, it was a big disappointment. I'd give them a B on the food and a D- on the service. The food was good enough for us to possibly try them again- maybe next time we should wear our "We want to over-tip you, please give us a reason to!" t-shirts.

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      WOW! that was horrible to hear. I had the exact opposite experience when i went there. If you do plan to go again, ask to be seated in Van's section. This was the server that I had and he was very attentive to me.