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Nov 8, 2009 07:39 AM

Thanksgiving at the Fairgrounds.

Hi Everyone,

I have made reservations at the Fairgrounds for Thanksgiving Day. It is 85 dollars per person (4 of us) for a table three off from the windows. We get admission, the buffet, all non- alcoholic beverages, a bottle of champagne, and the table for the whole day. I can cancel by the 12th if I want to so, my questions are;

1. Eighty five dollars per person seems worth it, is it??
2. Is the food good?
3. Is the third row off the windows a decent table?

Thanks in advance!!

Oh and one more thing.........I read there will be a Po-Boy festival on the 22nd, has any one been before? Is it fun? Is there music?

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  1. The Po-boy Preservation Festival is great! You should definitely go, even if, as I've heard, there might be an admissions fee this year. The website alone is enough to make my mouth water. Check out the list of restaurants and their offerings: .

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    1. re: midcity

      YAY!! And the list of bands! Can't wait!

    2. I have not had a Clubhouse dinner lately but everyone in town knows that the corned beef and cabbage was the classic. It was always good (especially in the days before teh Great Fire). Now it is served as a sandwich and is good. I used to get a steak and shrimp deal but that was Long Ago and I don't know if there is a similar offering today. But, you can rely on the general idea that Da Track is going to have better food than other tracks just because of where it is,

      The oysters at the paddock are always good. And the horseradish is killer.

      1. Fairgrounds food is good - not great - for New Orleans standards. IMO it's more about the experience of horse-racing New Orleans style and for $ 85 a deal. There are families that this is their extended family Thanksgiving tradition- they all drive in to meet there and party like it was their auntie's house with legal gambling. It's fun if you're a part of it or are very social and make friends easily. If you want dependable service, tip out when you
        get seated and you won't get overlooked when you need something.

        Also folks are serious about the racing - Risen Star is still spoken about as if he had just passed. When I went for several thanksgivings in the early 90's, there were always nuns & priests there in party mode. It was like a scene in a book.

        Poboy festival is great. Vaucresson's will be selling their sausage there. Hubig pie's too.
        Music - of course. Wear sturdy shoes - there still might be some construction areas.

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        1. re: savory south

          We used to go alot for Thanksgiving, it's great fun! As has been said, corned beef and cabbage and also the key lime pie are great.
          Good luck!

        2. Went to the track on Friday for the first day of the season. Got a corned beef sandwich.
          Tasted as good as always. Wife got bread pudding. They do a good job.
          Service---HORRIBLE. I hope they get thier act together before
          Thanksgiving Day.

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          1. re: ichabodsdad

            Do you think tipping up front will solve that problem?? Also is the third table off the window decent?? Thanks everyone!!

            1. re: sawrshom

              Don't think it would have made much of a difference. The staff was just very unenthusiastic about the whole idea of being "at work." Surly attitudes with the " I'm, doing you a favor". Besides, I don't tip upfront.

          2. In case you prefer better/more food options. Admission to the Fairgrounds is always free. Clubhouse is only a couple of $.