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Nov 8, 2009 07:38 AM

Great Pizza in North Raleigh

Ordering pizza for delivery is a pretty rare occasion for my family. I've found an exceptional place in Wakefield that I have to post about.

Pittsburgh Pizza and Wing Factory is in a strip mall off of New Falls of Neuse. There's also a Food Lion and an above average sushi place in the same complex.

I'm no expert on what makes a Pittsburgh pizza distinctive, though I have to assume it has to do with the crust. Unlike a New York style pizza the crust is to substantial to fold, but it's not nearly as thick as a Chicago style pizza. If you've ever had the "hand tossed" crust at Pizza Hut, you're on the right track. The similarities between PPW and Pizza Hut end here.

My kids wanted pepperoni and sausage on their pizza. I also added a heretofore unknown and unique topping: kielbasa (smoked Polish sausage). The kielbasa stole the show. The pizza was great! Toothsome, chewy and flavorful crust married with some olive oil (instead of tomato sauce) and then the melted cheese mixed with flavor of the toppings made for a very memorable experience. The wings were good, too, but the pizza is much better than average.

Pittsburgh Pizza and Wing Factory
13200 New Falls of the Neuse Road
Raleigh, NC 27614
(919) 562-7441

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  1. Anyone know others that are great in N Raleigh? I live around Creedmoor and Lynn and want to know the best place for pizzas or strombolis. Haven't been impressed with Wildflour, too doughy of a crust. Pizzamerica is also pretty lame. I hear fuhgeddaboutit pizza is good, however i don't see that they have traditional italian stromboli I am used to getting in philly.

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    1. re: panthur

      I live not too far from you, panthur. The two best in N. Raleigh are Pizza Italia on Westgate and Fuggedaboutit on Six Forks. I can't tell you about stromboli, though, since I don't eat it often and when I do I make it from scratch.

      Since I'm up in WF very often it sounds like I need to give Tom's find a try.

      1. re: panthur

        Pizza Italia has great NY style pizza- Pulcinella's on Falls of Neuse is very good also....

      2. Tjere is no good pizza in north raleigh closet that you will find is forgetaboutitpizza

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        1. re: beltline

          Fuggedaboutit makes damn fine pizza. I haven't lived in NYC, so I can't say its authentic, though I can say it's very tasty.

          When we get delivery, we usually get Z Pizza. They do the "modern" pizza with the chi chi toppings my wife likes. They also do whole wheat crust and we prefer whole wheat.

          1. re: Tom from Raleigh

            Not sure if NE "purists" would be satisfied, but Milton's has been packin' em in for 20 years and puts out a pretty good pie, IMO

            1. re: grubhub

              "Purists" or not. If they want "their" style pizza, they could always get it back home. You are quite correct in that Milton's does indeed make a great pizza. Worth a visit if you're in the area.

              1. re: grubhub

                Some New Englanders (as opposed to Northeasterners) might well like Milton's as they do the Greek-style pizza common in the Boston area. Despite having lived in Boston for a few years I never developed a taste for the stuff and frankly, I'd rather skip pizza entirely than have to eat a Greek pizza. But it's all a matter of taste.

                And goodeatsinadive, yours is a remarkably provincial attitude. If everybody who wanted "their" style food went back home we wouldn't have any Chinese, Italian, Korean, French or any other types of food here. No pizza, either, for that matter. AFAIK, pizza is not indigenous to NC.

                1. re: rockycat

                  Apparently you've mistaken the "back home" comment. Please re-read the sentence. If what's available in Raleigh isn't good enough, they CAN always go back home, wherever it is, for a taste to satisfy their craving. Solely intended for the time we're in now, not of those who immigrated here years before us. If that were the case, I'd be back in Ireland for good whisky and potatoes.

                  1. re: rockycat

                    rockycat, I agree. About not liking Milton's pizza at all and also about our right to get all styles of food everywhere!

                    I did have the buffet at Milton's today though. Entered with very low expectations and my low hurdle was suprassed. I liked the pasta and sauces and lasagna, didn't like the pizza. Still worth $8 for a lunch buffet, everything was fresh.

                2. re: Tom from Raleigh

                  Yes I've had z pizza and it's good, however not quite what I crave. :) Also they don't deliver to me I don't think. I'm adding Pulcinella's to my to try list.

                  Anyone been to Stella Mare on Lead Mine?

                  Also, I like the pizza (crispy thin crust, NY style) I've had at Dominic's behind Triangle Town Center. But they don't always have a big individual slice selection, it depends. Not sure how consistent they are.

              2. Any recommendations for Capital/Brentwood area? Lilly's won't deliver this far up. =)

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                1. re: jrfulbright

                  I'm fairly sure Capital Creations will deliver to this area. Their pizza is very good, interesting specialty pies too.


                  1. re: meatn3

                    Cinelli's Grandma's Pizza (North Hills & Cary) is the best I've had in Raleigh.
                    Pizza Italia on Westgate is very good, also.
                    Fuggedaboutit is good, but take it home. Lousy music and lighting.
                    Zpizza is uniquely great if you want a healthier pie. Crust is excellent.

                    1. re: Fu Dee

                      Anyone know what's up with the Cinellii's/Gianni & Gaetanno/etc.? I agree about their Grandma pizza - really good - and used to get it from the Gianni & Gatanno's at Creedmoor and Strickland. Recently they became the Italian Chophouse, then briefly Gianni's or something similar, and yesterday when I drove by the door was padlocked and there was a sheriff's notice in the window. Is it just this location that's gone under?

                2. Not sure why Vincent's at the intersection of Lynn and Creedmore doesnt get more love. The staff is out of NY central casting, and the pizza is always consistantly excellent. Really a fan of coal-blistered so I look forward to Bella Mia in Cary.

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                  1. re: kbadanes

                    Really? The Mrs. and I tossed a pizza from Vincents after a couple of slices. I don't know if I've ever done that before. We were hungry but it was just completely unappealing to us.