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Nov 8, 2009 05:15 AM

best of boston?

I'm heading to boston thanksgiving weekend. we're looking for food / resto recommendations. it'll be 3 of us, no adults. we're adventurous in our eating habits. in particular, we're looking to have one fine dining experience during our stay. any suggestions?

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  1. What is your price limit?

    Where will you be staying and what kind of transportation are you planning to use?

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    1. re: PinchOfSalt

      and i'm assuming you actually mean "no kids", not "no adults"?

      chinese, italian, seafood, classic, locavore, malaysian, japanese, peruvian, french, spanish, afghani, persian? price point? fine dining here can be very spendy, and even moderate by boston standards can blow a budget. walk, cab or t?

      1. re: hotoynoodle

        yes i mean no kids, no adults. we're taking our officiant to dinner so looking to spend ~150 ex drinks tops. we're staying at braintree but will have car and willing to use public transport. not from the area so i'm not familiar with distances, etc. i assume downtown boston or the general vicinity is fine.