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Nov 8, 2009 03:15 AM

Indian takeout in West Long Branch

We ordered takeout last night and wanted something other than Chinese, so gave Tandoori 2 in WLB a shot. When I'd stopped by there, long ago, to check it out as a place to eat, it was very minimal so I just picked up a menu for ordering takeout someday, and then forgot about it.

Anyway, we got naan, aloo paratha, saag paneer and raita, and it was all delicious. You have to order $20 minimum for them to deliver. Really good food. So this is a shout-out for Tandoori 2 is WLB for takeout. Like, I said, haven't been to the actual restaurant in a while so don't know if they've made it more of a place you want to stay and eat.

Also, anybody know of other good Indian places in Monmouth county? I'm puzzled why have so few.

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  1. Neelam on Rt 35 in Middletown has a fairly nice Sunday night buffet. I haven't tried their regular menu or been there any time aside from Sunday night buffet, but their prices are excellent and the service is very good.

    I believe they do deliver!

    1. jerseyeats....
      I assume you are talking about the indian restaurant in the 7-11 plaza near The Windmill...because that's technically Long Branch...either way this is good to know...I have always wanted to try it but everytime I pass by its empty and I've never gotten the nerve to go in and give it a try!

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        I do not like this place. Food is decent, prices are high, and no buffet. I'll take my business to the Tandoor E in Ocean instead.

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          To my knowledge they are owned by the same family.....unless they have recently changed hands....

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            This place was covered in an earlier thread .


            Dissapointing as with every other place i've tried in the area.I have taken a drive up to Highland Park and had decent food from Delhi Garden ,but even a couple of those dishes were almost identicle and lacked some real depth in flavor and tended to just burn your tastebuds.Having said that,it's possibly the best i've had within 50 miles with the exception of Rasoi in Jersey City.Amazing really ,as last night I had an $8 Bangladeshi mixed plate with Nan and more food than I could eat at a hole in the wall in Lower Manhattan (Bangal Curry 111 Church St
            ) Frequented only by late shift taxi drivers it seemed.That food pretty much blew everything else in NJ out of the water.Not exactly fine dining,but I don't expect that .

            1. re: stack_c

              Might be owned by the same family but the menu and prices aren't the same. And no buffet!

          2. re: stack_c

            Yes, it's the one in the 7-11 plaza. It DOES always seem to be empty, which would usually scare me off, but that night I was desperate for Indian food and decided to be brave. Maybe they do mostly take out. The decor is a bit "off" for an Indian and white checked tablecloths like an Italian place, but not cozy. I went again last night and got mixed veg. jalfrezi...vegs were meh but sauce was wonderful. I do think it's the same family as the Ocean restaurant (tandoori 1?).