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Nov 8, 2009 02:27 AM

Impudent Oyster- Chatham

Yesterday was a glorious day on Cape. My kiddo and I drove to Chatham to look for Uggs at Puritan. There was one sales clerk on the floor and 4 of us waiting so we left and went to lunch. I have not been to the IO in many years. There was no parking in their lot so I dropped off my daughter so she could wait in line (yes a line in Nov.) and I parked down near the bank near the jeweler. By the time I got back she had secured a deuce upstairs. It was packed. The bar was doing a lively business. I think that was the place to be after having our lunch. I chose the special, Monomoy Steamers and she chose a smoked salmon sandwich. The lady next to me had the steamers and they looked amazing hence my choice. She was feasting on a mountain of fresh succulent treasures. My mouth was watering. We ordered tea from a simple collection. I found an herbal my teen a djarjeeling. The waitress was rushed but pleasant. Food came in good time. My steamers were place in front of me..about half the portion of my neighbors and later the bottom would reveal about 10 cracked broken or closed steamers I could not eat. I mentioned it to my waitress and she said all portions were weighed? I was done in a few minutes. My teen did not love her sandwich so we ended lunch very early and hit the fudge shop. The bill pre tip was 28.00 and change.

Impudent Oyster
15 Chatham Bars Ave, Chatham, MA 02633

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  1. Wow Phelana, sure sounds like a terrible experience. Goes to show that even the so-called better establishments can fall short of the mark at times. Hope it's a one time thing but I'm guessing you won't return any time soon to find out.

    1. That is too bad! I was there on Saturday evening and had a great experience. I must say that I didn't eat too adventuresome. I was very full from lunch and pre dinner drinks at Chatham Bars! I had a very nice caesar salad though and some delicious butternut squash soup. My man had the seafood arrabiatta and he raved about it. The place was crowded as usual but our server was nice and the timing was perfect. Try it again!

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        It was not horrid..what steamers I had were delish..and I was with my sweetie teen so we made it great...oh I forgot to say we shared a cup of clam chowder....pretty darn good. Shame on the chef for sending out broken or unopened steamers tho..

        1. re: phelana

          Might not be a "chef" overseeing all the kitchen at all times. I did a post on July 7 about my sandy Monomoy steamers and the pieces of sharp shell attached to my Wellfleets, which I've never seen before or since. Was sure a mixed bag of good and bad.

          1. re: Scargod

            That's too bad about your lunch. I love the Oyster, but it's a very old-time, sentimental favorite for me, as opposed to the gastronomic experience of a lifetime. Like Scargod, I had really sandy clams (mussels)there, but I did take a chance, so I knew it wasn't the IO's fault. They were Pleasant Bay mussels and I usually only get the PEI rope-grown variety because I hate the sand! So, I gambled and I lost! I just won't do that again. I always give my shucked raw oysters a cursory look, too because I hate shell fragments (jeez, think I have issues??), but it's really hard not to have any. They're easy to spot.

            1. re: ciclista

              Perhaps you need to read my comment:
              These were shell divits pulled off the shell and still attached to the muscle. Razor sharp all around about the diameter of an average button. As I've said, I've never seen this before or since.

              1. re: Scargod

                well, I did not comment on the sand but mine were filled..I dunked them in broth quite a long time..

                1. re: Scargod

                  Ok, I get it...YUCK!! Unacceptable.