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Nov 7, 2009 10:09 PM

For people who ate Au Pied De Cochon's foie gras poutine, did you eat everything on your plate?

Or were there any leftovers? I just wanna gauge the supposedly titanic portions.

Can one foie gras poutine serve two people?

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  1. As far as i remember, the poutine itself is not that big ... but it's a quite "heavy", fries, sauce, cheese and foie gras!

    if I ever order it I would share it because there are _MANY_ other better things to eat there, and there are better poutine @ La Banquise.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      But La Banquise's poutine doesn't have foie gras...Not everything at Au Pied is titanic in size - their tartare is definitely not, either. IMHO, the poutine itself is fine for one person, but not large enough to share, unless you're having other dishes to share as well. You could also order an appetizer portion of it, which is much smaller.

    2. My mom ordered it when we went a few weeks ago as an appetizer. It's definitely big enough that it could be eaten as a main course but certainly not "titanic". As an appetizer it would be enough for two people. My mom ate about half of it and everyone else (3 other people) had a bite or two.

      I don't recall her ordering specifically an appetizer version (not on the menu) but the waiter might have brought that instead knowing it would be eaten as an appetizer. He gave the impression that it would be a very large dish but it didn't seem big when we got it.