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Nov 7, 2009 08:55 PM

London--Any great restaurants near Canary Warf?

Hi, all--
I'm tagging along on my husband's business trip to London tomorrow, where we'll be staying the better part of a week in a hotel near his company's London office near Canary Warf. While we intend to head towards the center for dinner on most nights, I suspect there will be a few when work and jet lag will conspire to keep us closer to our home base. Are there any restaurants near Canary Warf worth one of our seven nights? Otherwise, we're planning on Tayyab, Hereford Road, and St. John, and we'd love to hear any complimentary suggestions!

Thanks very much!

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  1. the only one i can think of is the new roka thats just opened

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        The new Roka would be a great choice if you like Japanese. Not cheap but well worth the money.

        Otherwise, the third branch of Wahaha's Mexican street food opens next week. Relaxed but could be good if you don't want anything fancy.

    1. london bridge is only 3 stops on the jubilee line so that might be another option. magdalen is wonderful and brindisa is also there if you fancy spanish tapas (their orange-stuffed gordal olives are always worth trying).

      1. How is the Gun these days?

        1. Jamie's Italian has just opened. I haven't eaten there yet, but the people I know who have recommend it.

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            I have eaten at 'Jamie's" in Bath, it was overpriced and not especially inspiring. It may be better than other high street chains (and it is a high street chain) but there must be better local options.

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              There is a Royal China which overlooks the river. And one of them expensive argentinian steak houses next door. Nothing to blow your socks off though. The Gun still does decent meal, and pint, but it's a fair trek from Canary wharf if you dont go through the warehouses where they have the 5aside.

            2. As already mentioned, Royal China and Roka, and for good tapas, El Faro near Crossharbour DLR station.

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                Jamie's Italian - just remember that you can't book, you just turn up. We waited for an hour (this was a couple of weeks after opening), but it was OK - get a G&T, watch the world go by. A right mish-mash of styles inside - from Tuscan rustic to graffitied staircases to legs of ham strung up around the place.

                You can see a sample menu here: - we had antipasti that included stuffed peppers, anchovies and ricotta cheese. Then I had sardines for main, while my boyfriend had sausage papardelle. Probably the best thing is that most courses are available in small and large sizes.

                I don't think it'll necessarily be the absolute best food of your life...but it's very buzzy, by the water, lots of opportunity for people-watching and you'll have a good night.

                For food in town - try Mark Hix's Albemarle (off Bond Street) for melt-in-the-mouth Lancashire hotpot and other outstanding British classics.