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Nov 7, 2009 08:46 PM

PDX - Cheap eats downtown

heading downtown tomorrow for an early movie. Want to grab lunch first. What are the best choices for a reasonable lunch? Even great cheap eats? Thanks.

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  1. Superdog! The one on the S. Park Blocks is open on the weekend. My fave is the Zweigle white hot (from the Rochester NY area):

    If you have a sandwich at Kenny & Zuke's, you'll get two meals out of it...maybe not cheap, but a good value.

    I think Hot Pot City is open on Sunday, though that is at the south edge of downtown. Great time of year for it, though!

    I think the Flying Elephants in Fox Tower is open on Sundays (an offshoot of Elephant's deli) - lots of choices under $5 there.

    I'm guessing the Rialto is open (do they actually close? ;o


    1438 SW Park Ave, Portland, OR 97201

    1. heading downtown from where? east portland? eat local, downtown is for the birds :-P

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        I live in the SW Hills. We have no 'neighborhood' spots.