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Nov 7, 2009 06:08 PM

How to make my stove burner smaller

My stove has 4 units that are all the same size. When I put it on low it still is way too hot! Any suggestions? (I rent... so a new stove isn't really an option... I can't wait til I can buy my own perfect stove!) Any DIY ideas?!

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  1. K80k,

    So do you want to make your burner smaller as your title suggested or weaker as your description suggested. I assume you have a gas stove. A gas stove typically is more powerful than an electrical stove, but many gas burners have no real "low" setting.

    One remedy is to use a wok ring. This will raise the distance between your pot and the stove and therefore lessen the thermal power:

    If you really want to lower it by a lot, you can use a more opened one, but make sure you don't put a heavy pot on this, because it has less support:

    Needless to say, you really do not have to use a wok ring. Anything which can raise your cookware above the heating element will have the lessen the effective heat.

    1. depending on what type of pot you are using, the only thing i can think of is using a different material, one that is less efficient as far as heat transfer

      1. Haven't used them but maybe a "flamer tamer" or "heat diffuser" would help? There's several different types on Amazon and I've seen them at some stores.

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          Islandkim's heat diffuser is a great idea. I assume you want to reduce the heat to do some slow cooking or simmering. A heat diffuser not only slightly lower the temperature, its main function is to even the heat out on its surface and eliminating heat spot. Excellent for low and slow cooking.

          However, if you are only interested in lower the heat for a fast task, like melting butter, then a heat diffuser is not suitable. Because typical heat diffuser are made of thick metal, it will take a long before heating up the heat diffuser and then heating up your cookware.

        2. I think a 'Flame tamer' that one places on top of the burner is the best way to go as mentioned earlier in this thread.

          1. k80k: "When I put it on low it still is way too hot! Any suggestions?"

            One word: bain marie (.a.k.a. double boiler). A bain marie enables you to do other tasks, too, like melt chocolate.