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Nov 7, 2009 05:30 PM

Tequila - straight from Mexico

I will be traveling to Playa del Carmen next week, any suggestions on what kind/brand of tequila I should bring back? Also open to suggestions to other types of liquor, was thinking about trying Xtabentun.

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  1. You can go to the Cofradia shop in Playa, which carries all the products of that distillery, but all are available here, too.

    Stuff you can't get in the US: Alborada(reposado), Tapatio(blanco), Tres Tonos(all), Volcan de mi Tierra(all), Azcona(blanco). Or, look for expensive bottles you can get discounted at the Duty Free, which is better if you have to change planes in D.F.

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      1. re: streetgourmetla

        Thanks for the suggestions, can't wait to check out Cofradia.

      2. does anyone know if tequila in mexico is generally at a proof of 76 instead of 80? someone i know who is familiar with tequilas produced for consumption in mexico has told me this.

        1. Recently available in the US, but phenomenally priced in duty-free at CUN, is Gran Centenario Anejo. I paid US$18 for a fifth (no liters available). Recommended before my trip to Playa del Carmen by a colleague who lives in Mexico City.

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            This is a great buy at the Duty Free, when you can't find something unique go for the best buys.

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              Centenario Anejo is excellent and I picked up a bottle at DF when last in Mex City. Yes you can get it here now but many tequilas are so expensive here. I was thinking along with things not available here