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Nov 7, 2009 05:24 PM

I just have to say...I can't wait for THANKSGIVING!!!

anybody else?

are you considering any new menu items this year? I'm thinking about glazed parsnips maybe.

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  1. I am not in the best physical shape this year, so am looking forward to dining at one of our local superb restaurants. I love the holiday, but just can't do it this year. I like the idea of glazed parsnips, though -- an under-utilized veg here.

    1. Me too this year! It's my favorite meal to cook and to eat, and I'm having a crowd this year. 5 is the most I've ever cooked Thanksgiving for, but this year we are having 16! New menu items this year will be herb roasted winter vegetables, including parsnips, and sweet potato pie which is of course a traditional item, but not something my northern family ever had. It's my husband's favorite, and this is only our third Thanksgiving together, so it's a new item for me. On the other hand, the scalloped corn on the menu is my grandmother's recipe that has been in the family longer than the 50 years that I've been around.

      1. Thanksgiving is a holiday for chowhounds. No presents, no costumes, no decorating unless you want to, just lots and lots of amazing food. I'm looking forward to it too jpmcd. And for you Canadian hounds, what did you like best this year, any new items you loved?