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Nov 7, 2009 05:17 PM

Boston area's Best Donuts

Looking to hear about where people think Boston's best donuts are. Please don't respond with Dunkin Donuts. Location and favorite flavors appreciated!

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  1. Searching this board yielded the following threads:
    The Best Donuts in the Planet are in East Boston...
    Best Donuts: Yeasty Wonders, Betty Ann Food Shop, E. Boston...
    Kane's Donuts
    Donut Holes
    Mmmmmm.... DONUTS
    Kane's Donuts - amazing!
    Hello Fellow Hounders, What do y’all think of the 2005 Donut Rankings (as linked below)? Donuts with a difference.........really!

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    1. re: greygarious

      I've mentioned the donuts at this place many times and I never get any opinions.
      Try Doughboy Donuts on Dorchester Ave near A St.
      It's across the street from the MBTA train and bus yards.
      Much better than Donuts With A Difference and Demets.
      Betty Ann's donuts are very good, but also very different from what you usually get at most donut places.

      1. re: janzy

        I liked Betty Ann's a lot, but the jelly donut i had was almost as yeasty as sourdough and the size of a softball. its hard to even think of it as a donut. also, if i remember right they're only open for like three hours a day.

    2. We are huge fans of Linda's, on Belmont St. in Belmont - but get there early for best selection!


      1. I've been craving the coffee roll / cinnamon bun at Verna's and Lyndell's for the last few weeks. These aren't torii, but they're fried dough. Both are more of an excuse for confectioners' sugar icing than they are for cinnamon, fyi.

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        1. re: enhF94

          I agree about Verna's! Their coffee rolls are amazing, as well as the honey dipped. I love the classic 70s feel to the shop, but I usually pick mine up at Mike & Patty's.

          1. re: enhF94

            I'm a huge fan of Verna's unglazed old fashioned (just a plain old cake donut). Crispy edge, fluffy and flavorful interior, not greasy.

            BTW, enhF94, plural of torus is tori, not torii, but i appreciate the topological exactitude.

            1. Verna's on Mass Ave. a few blocks south of Davis Sq. has some fantastic donuts. I highly recommend the glazed old fashioned ones. Their butternut is also a regular choice of mine.