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Nov 7, 2009 05:14 PM

Radacchio and side Car

Just wanted to let everyone know what an incredible place this is. We're from North Carolina and I was determined to find great Italian in Philadelphia b/c the pickings are thin locally. No reservations hurt some since we have a 3 year-old and we did not arrive until 5:50. We waited about 40 minutes a Saturday night. We were also not prepared for the BYO wine. Of course this was all our fault.

However, the food, service and price could not be better. Actually, I thought I would be paying twice as much before I left. Bucatini and Paccheri were incredible. Octopus special and whole fish were sublime. I thought the Fagliolata was also very good. Just got back from SF and had a great time but this was just as good but much less expensive.

Also ate at SideCar for brunch. Another great experience. chicken and waffles, Challah French Toast, crab omelet, and bloody mary's were something to write home about.

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  1. that's great that you had such good meals! i never get to raddichio enough and when i do finally manage to get there they never disappoint. the sidecar is also awesome, good choices!

    1. Radicchio is a big favorite of ours - authentic and reasonable. Their clam appetizer with red sauce is sublime and I think their broccoli di rape is the best anywhere.

      Where is SideCar?

      There is much, much more to eat in Philly, so come back soon!

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          Yeah, I told everyone attending the conference about Radicchio. Philly was awesome this weekend. the weather and food could not have been better. If only the Eagles won.
          Ate last night at Amada. I really enjoyed it despite the price and the scene. I think you need to be into that of course. I take my 3 year-old everywhere.
          Those sauteed mushrooms were fantastic. the Tinto and Sangria were also really good. Sardines and tuna unique and interesting. Squid was ok but still good. I really felt like drinking tinto, eating tapas, and waxing philosophic all night. Tried Capogiro and it was great.
          Philly is a great food town. Jogged all around town to keep up with it.