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Nov 7, 2009 01:15 PM

Making bacon out of pork shoulder (split from Ontario board)

Easy. (if you have smoking facilities)

1) Brine whole (or split into two along obvious connective tissue) for 24 to 48 hours depending on how salty you want.

Brine = 5% salt by weight, 5% sugar, peppercorns and any other spice / herb you care to chuck in. Use less or no sugar if you want. You can use a small quantity of curing spice if you like. (Be careful how you use that stuff - it is poisonous in 'relatively small' quantities.)

2) Leave it for 24-48 hours uncovered and where it won't sit in any juice. At this time of year I leave it outside on my raccoon proof deck.

3) Cool smoke it (I prefer apple / cherry) I use 210 until internal temperature = 145. The books recommend 160. To me that is overkill. I will be cooking it anyway.

Works out seriously cheap as the pork comes in at $0.89 per pound.

The smoker I use is a bargain basement Canadian Tire $300-down-to-$200 Centro.

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  1. Thanks so much Paul! You got adminned! ;)

    I live in an apartment at the moment, so no smoker.. I'm tempted to buy one for my mom's house though. They'd never use it, but I would...

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      I thought this post would die a lonely death.

      I do tend to attract a lot of admination.