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Nov 7, 2009 04:29 PM

SUnday Brunch

Well I have not asked this for quite a while so here I am AGAIN!

Am looking for a nice brunch for tomorrow~ Two mature ladies who are young at heart~ Would love a jazz brunch but they do not seem to exist anymore!
PRefer not to go into town tomorrow ~~~~~~~ AMbler girl any suggestions???

Chestnut Hill area, Ambler, BLue Bell , Doylestown etc~~~~~ WOuld prefer QUALITY as opposed to QUANTITY for this occassion~

NO Manyunk Brewing COmpany as we recently went there with our JAzz Lovers group~ That was QUANTITY and OPPOSED to QUALITY but good Jazz so that made up for it~

As ususal THANK YOU ~~~~~~~~~~~

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  1. jazziellen - I'd suggest Slate Bleu in Doylestown - no jazz (well, maybe not live), just really good food!

    Slate Bleu
    100 S Main St Ste 105, Doylestown, PA 18901

    1. Better late than never, but the best brunch around is the Champagne Brunch at The Radnor Hotel. It's right off 476 at the St. Davids/Villanova exit. Takes me 15 minutes to get there from Blue Bell. There is a wide array of breakfast and lunch all home made including mashed potatoes. There is piano player and dress is casual or Sunday best. Everything is top of the line including an ice sculpture full of nice sized shrimp.. eggs and waffles made to order and a giant chocolate fountain to dip your straweberries or marshmallows or pastries.