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Shanghai Ming Zhu - Balboa Park

Was in the area, stopped in. Shanghai.

I thought the XLB were seriously tolerable. The skins were very thin, nice sense of ginger, piping hot soup, fairly rich broth, decent price.

I had another dish that was spicy meat meat mixture or something. More of a szchuan dish than a shangahi dish. Maybe a little salty. Reasonably spicy, good kick, not actually spicy.

The menu's a little short, a real mom and pop.

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  1. Is this the place across the street from the Balboa Park Bart station on San Jose Ave?

    Balboa Park Bart
    51 Havelock St, San Francisco, CA

    1. Is this a new place in the little strip mall on the corner of San Jose and Geneva with the tacqueria? Google street view does not show it, and everything it does show is familiar.

      1. Wow! "seriously tolerable" XLB so close to home! Thanks for the report. Can't wait to try.

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          Apparently was Chef Tam's in Mission Terrace.
          2257 San Jose Avenue
          (at Seneca Ave)
          San Francisco, CA 94112

          Chef Tam's
          2257 San Jose Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

        2. Sarah KC and I went the other night. Had crab and pork XLB, Dan Dan noodles and Homestyle tofu. All in all, we were not so impressed but I want to give it a few more tries. The XLB had some good crab flavor, seemingly from some crab butter or roe given the bright yellow of the soup. they were quite juicy, but just not flavorful enough. Will need to try just the pork next time. The Dan Dan noodles were different--more soupy with a very thin noodle. Good flavor though. The tofu was good, nothing special. I would like to try some o the Shanghaiese specialties, especially the eel dishes.

          So far, Beijing Restaurant is head and shoulders better from what I ahve tried, but willing to give it another go. Would be great to have more authentic Chinese in the neighborhood. Now all we need is a great Sichuan place nearby,

          1. The food there is GREAT, fast service, cool waiter/waitress. DELICIOUS FOOD!

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              What did you order? How would you compare it to Shanghai Dumpling or other better known spots?

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                i ordered the shimp thingy with tomato sauce, it was good :P. the shanghai dumpling is GOOD!

            2. about a month ago, i had szechwan tan tan mein and xlb here. the noodle had the same texture and appearance as instant ramen. the xlb was on the small size, had a little meat and a lot of soup. by it's appearance (small circle on top), i doubt it was homemade.

              the waitress initially brought me potstickers. when i ask her . " is this xlb?", she took it away.

              underwhelmed to say the least.

              1. Just passed by and this place appears to be closed and replaced by a restaurant called Kwong's Gourmet. Takeout menu is a typical mix of Chinese-American favorites and Cantonese dishes. No xlb on the new menu.

                Edit: funnily/sadly, the Google Street View imagery of this space is from at least 3 Chinese restaurants ago - it shows a "Tai Shan Restaurant" at 2257 San Jose.

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                  That was quick. Kwong's gourmet is no more, replaced by "Crazy Pepper Szechuan and Mandarin." Sounds like a connection with the current or former owner of Wild Pepper in the Mission.

                  5 Chinese restaurants in 4-5 years? I think it's safe to say that this space is cursed.

                  Wild Pepper
                  3601 26th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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                    seriously, someone doesn't think the lack of proximate parking isn't a deterrent to dining at this location?

                    1. re: shanghaikid

                      there is a lot of foot traffic there, but its mostly folks trying to get away as quickly as possible. pretty nasty intersection. there've been plans to develop a commercial center there forever - plans that never happen.

                      1. re: BernalKC

                        good to know.
                        the one time i went, 1ish , just 3 tables at most, 1 was construction/muni workers. obviously the feets don''t stop here. red zones all around. parking at least a block away.