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Nov 7, 2009 12:33 PM

Just moved to pittsburgh

I just moved to the area and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of somewhere to get really good clam chowder, seafood, italian, and doughnuts. I know it seems random, but I have family in town that are wondering where to get this stuff. Thanks for any help you guys can give me!

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  1. in the Strip District should be a good start for Clam Chowder and other seafood. Fish Mkt with some items to eat in - not a restaurant per se.
    We like Girasole in Shadyside for Italian. Although it's had it's detractors of late. Not typical
    "red sauce" joint. Generally take a look at the various Big Burrito restaurants. Point Brugge in Point Breeze. You may find City Paper and Pittsburgh magazine helpful.

    733 Copeland St Ste 1, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

    Point Brugge Cafe
    401 Hastings St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

    1. What area of the city are you in? No matter, I agree that you should wander around the Strip District on a Sat. morning to get a taste of what's available. It's a lot of fun for a foodie!

      1. For donuts I suggest Peace, Love, and Little Donuts in the strip. They make the donuts basically to order and have all kinds of different options as far as cake styles and toppings. The donuts in my opinion are great, and the guys working are incredibly friendly!

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          Don't want to make this political and all, but before stopping in at this shop, you may want to be aware of the recent controversy:

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            oh thanks for posting that! I will be sure to never go there!

            Who would have though someone who makes donuts for a living could have so much hate in their heart. Donuts should be filled love...and bacon.

        2. To fill that sweet treat fix I can personally recommend the Oakmont bakery a little ways away from the city. Closer in, I've heard good things about Paddy Cake bakery on Liberty Ave and Dozen at a couple of locations around the city.

          Some of the best clam chowder, in my opinion, can be had at Roland's in the Strip. As far as seafood, you might try out Mallorca on the South Side. Their seafood selections never fail to impress and there'll be something for the carnivores in the group as well. Italian, I would strongly recommend Dinette in East Liberty for some thin crust pizza goodness and Dish Osteria and Bar in the Southside.

          Mallorca Restaurant
          2228 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

          Dish Osteria Bar
          128 S 17th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203

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            I don't think that Mallorca is as good as it once was.