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Nov 7, 2009 12:20 PM

Flamingo's Seafood in Mount Prospect

Hey does anyone know what happened with Flamingo's? drove by there last night and noticed they were putting up a temporary banner with a new name. something about Nayarit. I suspect Chef Jorge Almaraz is no longer there. that guy is good. one of the best Lobster bisque's I've ever had.

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  1. Wow , that would be too bad. We've been a few times and really enjoyed it. Hope someone out there can shed some light...

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      Just called their old number. Got a recording that states they are re-opening on Nov 12 as 'El Veneno Restaurant' (or something close to that).

      As to the OP's mention of 'Nayarit', it may be a reference to the Mexican state with that name. So they may be advertising their seafood is prepared in the style of Nayarit.

    2. An offer was made for the location/building by this chain that is moving in. It is also Mexican seafood. Chef Jorge, however, will no longer be there. Hopefully he will be somewhere bigger and better soon, more in line with his style and fantastic food and presentation.

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        We went there yesterday. It was very good. There are 6 of them, I believe, including one in Georgia. The waiter was fabulous, Daniel. He came over and made recommendation and explained the different items. The menu needs some help, or so this gringo thinks. There really isn't much explanation of what things are. It is very similiar to Flamingo's in that it's seafood, all seafood I might add. My 80 yr old mother and I split the fried red snapper (Daniels rec) which was to die for. The fish was bigger than I've ever seen and cooked perfectly. My husband had the shrimp and octopus cocktail. It had the option of hot or cold which I had never seen before. When it arrived it made sense, it was almost soup-like and delicious! As soon as you sit down, they bring a harbanero salso, some fried whole tortillas and a plate with a blue marlin ceviche tostada for each person. It was wonderful! I was asking the waiter why they had opened in Mt. Prospect (and really wondering what made them think they could make it if Flamingo's couldn't) and he replied that a lot of people in that area traveled to the south side to eat at their other restaurants...The prices are very much like Flamingos but the food was well worth it. The fried snapper was $16 and I believe the cocktail was $12. Very little changes inside, the most noticible was the booths are gone, replaced with long tables seating 8 I think. The food was creative and well executed and we will be back!!

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          El Veneno??
          I believe they opened up on Ashland, south of Division, across the street from El Barco about a year ago. Not a big place.
          Sounds very similar, with the habenero salsa and free ceviche. Good stuff and its BYO

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            FYI - I was in Chicago for a day, and after all the praise of Flamingo's, decided to stop by for dinner. I missed this thread, but had read of much praise on other threads.

            The food was terrible (giant portion sizes of below average fried food) - I would not go back.

            FYI - I was in Chicago for a day, and after all the praise of Flamingo's, decided to stop by for dinner. It seems it has recently changed ownership, and is now part of a chain of mexican food restaurants.

            The food was terrible (giant portion sizes of below average fried food with hot sauce to make it mexican) - probably not worth trying anymore.