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Nov 7, 2009 11:14 AM

Kelowna Eateries

I only want the best
Chinese (authentic)
And any other fabulous recommendations for restaurants.
Please no chains (joeys, Cactus, Earls)
Thank you!

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  1. Kelowna has some top-notch offerings, but unfortunately not many from the ethnic categories. There are plenty of Chinese and Japanese places to choose from, but authenticity is lacking (think “westernized”). For Indian, DAWETT and CHUTNEY are operated by the same owner, and are solid and dependable. For Italian, LA BUSSOLA and MAMA ROSA are OK if you need to fill a craving, but are disappointing at the price points. If you are in the mood for Greek, YAMAS TAVERNA and OLYMPIA serve large portions of decent food, but nothing that will overly tickle the taste buds

    The best that we have found on the east side of the lake, or in Kelowna proper –

    WATERFRONT WINES – A cozy setting with only a limited number of tables, and a small but well thought out menu with excellent execution. Save room for desert.

    BOUCHON’S – Right next to Waterfront, classic French bistro fare (especially nice on an Okanagan winter evening).

    FIXX CAFE – A hidden gem on Lakeshore, there is a big focus on pasta dishes, with a chef that is not afraid to add her own personal touch to some traditional standards, and is also not afraid to fill up the plate.

    WILD APPLE – At the Manteo Hotel, was always a favorite in the past, and now should get even better with Bernard Casavant taking over as executive chef.

    SUNSET ORGANIC BISTRO – At the Summerhill Winery, they grow almost all of their own produce. Creative focus on local cuisine at dinner, and at lunch perhaps the best pizza in Kelowna.

    RAUDZ – Rod Butters changed the focus from his high end “Fresco” to a more casual setting that features a lot of traditional comfort foods, but with his own flair. (Example – “Pork & Beans” is Roasted pork belly with Raudz spice rub, apple puree, and a cassoulet of wild boar sausage, with white beans and cabbage).