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Nov 7, 2009 10:13 AM

Stove top grate for flame grilling

I'm attempting to char onions over a gas burner on a stove top with a standard grate. I've had no problems doing this in the past with peppers; I can just cut one up and grip it with a pair of tongs to hold over the open flame. However, the onions are too unwieldy to handle with tongs (either whole or halved) and they keep falling off the grate.

Is there a product that fits on a standard stove top and converts the burner into a flame grill? (Not a grill pan.) I'm looking for something that can either go over one or two burners. Kind of like this:

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    1. Are you happy with the process you use for the peppers? If it's just about getting a better grip on the onions, then may I recommend bamboo skewers? Two bamboo skewers running through the halved onion parallel should you give you a nice little 'handle'- basically using bamboo to mimic something like this:

      If, on the other hand, you are yearning for something a little more upscale, then I'd try something like this:

      Those heights look a little bit high, though, and they don't appear like they're adjustable.

      Lastly, something like this would probably be quite effective:

      It's build for fish, but it looks like it would hold two onion halves (or maybe three onion thirds) quite nicely. I might not get that exact model (it looks a little too cheap), but I'm sure there's other camping fish baskets you can look at.

      1. Asian shops have a variety of grills and griddles that are typically used on butane tabletop burners. The one I use for blistering peppers has two surfaces about an inch apart. One side has a fine grid coated with some sort of ceramic, the other a wider spaced grid where you place the food.

        1. Thanks, these are all great suggestions. I may try the barbecue fork method next time, and will also check out a restaurant supply shop for their tabletop burner accessories.