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Nov 7, 2009 06:56 AM

Dinner in So. Philly: Tre Scalini, Mr. Martino's or ?

Friends are coming down from the NY area, and we live for Italian food. One of these days we'll get a wonderful Italian restaurant here in Chesco, but in the meantime we know we have to travel. Where to go in So. Philly?

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  1. Mr Martino's is very cute and charming, but the food at Tre Scalini blows it out of the water. Get the black papperdelle with seafood, it is outstanding. Le Virtu is also good but Tre Scalini is my favorite.

    Mr Martino's is cheaper, though, and I do like it. Tre Scalini is also BYOB but Le Virtu is not.

    Le Virtu
    1927 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148

    1. I would recommend Paradiso. Great food and service. Not a BYO. Order the pappardelle with wild mushrooms.

      1. Tre Scalini. One of our favorites for a long time.
        All the pasta is delicious. The veal filets or veal chop (not the tenders) are delicious here.

        And I agree that Paradiso is very good; go there if you want a place with a bar.

        1. Le Virtu is my favorite Italian place in South Philly, I was never a big fan of Tre Scalini but that may be because their menu is skewed towards seafood. I also love Mr. Martino's, the food is not as good as Le Virtu but it's like half the price. I have only been to Paradiso once but wasn't all that impressed.

          L'Angolo is another place to consider.

          Le Virtu
          1927 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148

          1. Mr. Martino's has the most bang for your buck IMO. Its BYOB with a really charming atmosphere, food is cheaper and I think the balsamic chicken is great! Also, the simpler dishes are good too - like the penne with zucchini and basil and the baked ricotta are both really yummy.

            I love Le Virtu as well, however I think the vibe at Mr. Martino's is better if you are entertaining guests from out of town.

            Le Virtu
            1927 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19148

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              I disagree somewhat, but it depends on your guests. Mr Martino's is not going to impress a foodie from New York very much, The menu is pretty blase and the food is hit or miss. It is a good casual spot and great for a date.