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Nov 7, 2009 06:40 AM

Houston Nutcracker Market

I'm getting excited for the return of the Nutcracker Market. It will be at the Reliant Center from Nov. 12-15.

I find some of my favorite foodie gifts at this market. A few of my favorites are Cherry Republic for all things Cherry, Susie's South 40 for amazing frozen toffee, and Loredanna's for marinated cheese.

Who else has favorite merchants or goodies?

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  1. A must stop at the Market is for the Donne Di Domani Marinara Sauce. DO NOT miss picking up a jar (I believe they limit-2bottles). They will be offering the "Original" and "Spicy". The sauce is made by sisters and volunteers of,,, cant recall the church, and all profits go to charity. This marinara sauce is the best red sauce you'll find in a bottle and maybe,, (as far as I'm concerned) you'll find in ANY restaurant, period. Chock full of Italian Imported tomato's (San Marazano) basil, garlic etc,, I am lucky to have an "in" and have received my 2010 edition early! As Ken Hoffman said along time ago about finding their booth at the Market,,, just look for the lines and jump in! Enjoy!