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Nov 7, 2009 01:33 AM

London - Moroccan - Golborne Road

Had a really delicious bowl of bean soup from one of the Moroccan food street stalls on Golborne Road yesterday lunchtime. Served with very good bread and tasty harissa on the counter to jazz things up. All for the princely sum of £1.90 and I was sated. No name on this stall but it's more or less in front of Le Marrakech grocery store and has a board menu listing soups, sandwiches and fish plates.

The street food scene has burgeoned since I was last there, there are maybe as many as 10 stalls dotted along the north side of the street. Not sure if they are all there every day, probably not. On sale a variety of items including fish/seafood a la plancha, kebab sticks, merguez/grilled meat sandwiches, falafel - a lot of items looked and smelled appetising and I will certainly be back to sample more.

A great post-Friday prayers buzz around the place yesterday lunchtime.

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      Postcode is W10. It's at the northern end of Portobello Road roughly speaking between Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park. For as long as I can remember, there's been a Moroccan and Portuguese community along that stretch but the street food scene is a relatively new and welcome development. Here's a little bit more colour via Timeout: