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Nov 6, 2009 07:33 PM

Kirala in Berkeley

We had dinner today at Kirala, for the first time. Wow, we were very happy. We had several types of robata (beef tongue; whole squid; japanese egglplant; shishito peppers), and several types of sushi (caterpillar roll, nigiri unagi, nigiri uni with quail egg, nigiri octopus, nigiri ikura with quail egg). Everything was very good or truly excellent. We want to go back, and try both the yellowtail collar, and the short ribs. Price was reasonable for a seafood/sushi place. The robato chef was a delightful man, happy to talk to us despite being a busy night.

Kirala Restaurant
2100 Ward St, Berkeley, CA 94705

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  1. Good for you! So many people think of Kirala as a sushi place, when in reality it started as primarily offering robata.

    Kirala Restaurant
    2100 Ward St, Berkeley, CA 94705

    1. The robata and the butterfish are the main draws for me. For sushi I prefer Uzen.

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        I haven't seen/heard much buzz from this place in awhile, and I don't think I've eaten there in about 5 years. Any comments? A visitor from a land far away is visiting and I think it would be something he'd like, assuming the quality has remained.

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          No one goes there anymore because it's so popular. yb

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            I am a regular -- especially enjoy their lunch specials. I live in the East Bay, so it's my "go to" place. I think the quality is excellent. In addition to the robata and sushi, I really love the yakatori, the seafood salad, and the 3-colored seaweed salad. And the great quality green tea is really appreciated.

        2. I had moved away and had not gone to Kirala for a long time but when I did return, the food was amazing as ever. I think it is the best robata place in the Bay Area (not that there are many robata eateries). Their food is always consistent.

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            There are a lot more robata places than there used to be. Of the ones I've tried, Ippuku's in a class by itself.