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Nov 6, 2009 07:03 PM

Chocolate dessert

I've got to bring something chocolatey to a potluck for 40 people. I would like to find something memorable but not too labor intensive. I'm finding lots of brownie recipes but was hoping for something more interesting for a fairly inexperienced baker like me. Help!

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  1. Easy - truffles.

    Chocolate ganache tarts are very easy too. One can serve 8-10 and you can use premade tart shells, although short crusts are easy to make too.

    World peace cookies (chocolate and salt) are easy and yummy.

    Chocolate mousse or pudding are very easy too. Super easy chocolate mousse simply involves putting chopped chocolate in heated cream and then cool and whip. You can infuse with so many flavors too - cardamom, anise, mint, orange, passion fruit, cinnamon, almond

    1. Devils food muffin filled with chocolate chips. These are very easy to make and use cooking oil and yogurt instead of butter. These chocolate muffins are very moist and rich. There is no need to use an electric mixer. A whisk or wooden spoon is all you need to mix this recipe.

      Easy Devils Food Chocolate Muffins

      1. Make the brownies in little cupcake tins and then put a little chocolate ganache in the center before baking.

        One dessert I always hear people rave about is a brownies trifle. I find it too sweet but I can't tell you the number of people who have raved about it, after having it. That would be so easy to do:

        Another easy chocolatey dessert is a Texas sheet cake.

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          flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream, or look over at epicurious for their triple chocolate cream pie with espresso whipped cream.

        2. Those New York Times chocolate chip cookies with fleur de sel that people were buzzing about last year are quite easy to do and memorable tasting. I've surprised a few people who thought they were run-of-the-mill cookies. The salt really adds something...