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Where to find loose leaf linden flower tea in Toronto (or online)?

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Hey guys,

I am hoping some CHers can help me find some loose leaf linden flower tea in Toronto.. or know where I could order it from online.

I have tried many of the downtown tea stores (Tealish, David's Tea, Golden Mint, All About Tea, etc) to no avail. Help!

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  1. Folks, please help us keep this board focused on the local chow scene, and keep your suggestions here focused on where to find this tea locally.

    blinknoodle, if you'd like suggestions for mail order options, please start a new thread on the General Chowhounding Topics board, where mail oder sources for chow are discussed. Thanks!

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      I'll definitely repost for online sources. I just wasn't sure I could find it in Toronto locally...

    2. You could try here if they import it, it's a traditional Romanian herbal tea.


      1. I haven't bought any in a while, but I've seen it in several health food stores... Anywhere they have a selection of medicinal teas, they'll usually have lindenflower. I've bought some at Nature's Health Food on Bloor (@ Bathurst) before.

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          I just bought Linden flowers tea at the health food store on Bloor, just west of Bathurst. It is in teabags, not loose tea. There was only one kind. The brand is Herbaria. Not much flavour or aroma. I'm currently staking out a neighbor's Linden tree, which I plan to raid for the flowers in June.

        2. Of all places, I found it at Marche Istanbul (3220 Dufferin)

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            Linden flower tea is a standard tea in Turkey, very good , and at Marche Istanbul priced free of yuppification or hypochondrification. Available in bulk. Of course it helps to get it at the beginning of the annual cycle.

          2. Two possibles are Starsky's and Brandt Meats in Mississauga.

            2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

            1. try house of tea. it is near rosedale station.