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Nov 6, 2009 04:41 PM

Foie Gras Recs

Looking for some suggestions on where some good foie gras dishes are. Only rule is that we are not looking for fine dining type places. thanks!

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  1. I'm curious to know if you know of any places that carry foie gras that aren't "fine dining type places". Anywhere in the US, that is.

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    1. re: CookieLee

      Petit Robert
      Central Kitchen
      to name 3 off the top of my head

      I am not sure what you mean exactly. Are you saying you have never seen foie gras on a menu except in fine dining restaurants?

      1. re: ac106

        Well, our definitions of fine dining clearly differ, as I consider Petit Robert fine dining, Central Kitchen upscale. I didn't see foie gras on the menu at Fugakyu, (not that I was looking for it) which I also consider upscale. And if you don't consider these places fine dining, you've answered your own question.

    2. I'd offer up Eastern Standard which usually has some iteration of FG. While you can have a fine dining experience there, it can also be casual, it's what you make of it.

      Eastern Standard
      528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

      1. Toro in the South End has an amazing foie gras pincho (very small plate) for 8 bucks. It's incredible. Toro is not a cheap meal by any means, but I wouldn't consider it to be a fancy place. Just fancy food.

        1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118