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Nov 6, 2009 04:11 PM

99 Ranch Market Opening in Houston

Any reports on this weeks opening? I'm surprised they didn't open up down in Bellaire/Sugarland instead.

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  1. I didn't go in, but I had the misfortune to try to navigate past that intersection yesterday. Utter madness. At first, I couldn't understand the hold-up ahead of me. Decided there must have been a traffic accident. But no, just the opening.

    I'm familiar with the 99 Ranch Markets in California and am pretty excited about this one.

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    1. re: Jaymes

      There is a second one planned for the Sugar Land area.

      1. re: Chandavkl

        I want to add that for those not familiar with the 99 Ranch Markets, they're pretty fabulous. In addition to the excellent foodstuffs, they sell things like Asian dishes, cooking utensils, etc. Just looking at my kitchen now, I spot many things I bought at 99 Ranch Market - bowls, a vase, cups...

        Everybody in Houston interested in food should go give it a wander to familiarize themselves with it.

        It's going to be an invaluable asset.

        1. re: Jaymes

          I visited this place on Monday afternoon -- traffic much easier to navigate than the chaos that is Saturday shopping in Houston. Very interesting store, and lots of cool stuff. Live fish in the tanks, whole (and I mean WHOLE - with the head) roasted ducks, food court with sushi made while you watch, the obligatory boutiques out front with jewelry and such. Interesting selection of produce, nice little bakery, and lots and lots of things Ive never heard of. Its worth a trip but avoid the weekend throngs. Pleasant surprise -- the cashiers spoke fluent English.

          1. re: Cheflambo

            Ducks with heads and beaks. They also have live clams in running water. I ended up with a better deal on red snapper at Super H, where nobody in the seafood market speaks English. After about eight tries to tell them to leave the skin on, it came skinless.

      2. rumor is that there will be one in Sugar Land by the end of 2010. I hope it is the Randall's on 6 and Austin Parkway.