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Nov 6, 2009 03:15 PM

$5-$6 spanish lunch in queens like the bronx

Is there any Latin/Dominican/Cuban/Puerto Rican food around $5-$6 around Elmhurst/Jackson Heights/Corona/etc... like what they have in the Bronx...

I am not looking for Mexican food.
I want something with yellow/white rice with beans and a choice of meat.

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  1. very little.
    in order to have really good dominican/puerto rican food, you need to have a puerto rican/dominican population -- and that's not the makeup of this area. you can approximate at el sitio in woodside, which has good cuban sandwiches and good pork, but not sure about the prices these days.

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    1. re: david sprague

      I long for this stuff too. Always looking for great steam tables.

      I like Lincoln deli in woodside. There's a pretty good little place called Queen fried chicken across from the courthouse in LIC near the citi building. Not sure what type of food they are, possibly dominican.

      Pique al Paso on 37th - the guy who works there is pretty skilled. Ecuadorian, but not necessarily strict to the country.

      If you want to get in do colombian, along 37th there's quite a few. I've gone to tropifood quite a few times. Great daily specials, nice fresh stuff. There are a ton more in corona, but these are the ones that stand out for me. Looking forward to other suggestions.

      Pique al Paso
      88-22 37th Ave, Queens, NY 11372

    2. You'll find a delicious and hefty chicken leg (or other meat) and rice 'n' beans plate in the price range at NUTRIPAN on Junction Blvd. and 57th Avenue. They'll toss on some extra yucca for the asking. Don't leave without a bread pudding for dessert (it's about a buck-fifty) and on Friday's the tripe soup (mondongo) rocks the block. Colombian.

      1. My favorite Colombian steam table lunch joint around the Woodside (11377) area is at Casa del Pollo on Broadway/64th, just down the street from Spicy Mina.

        1. I like El Rinconcito de Mama at 63-16 Broadway. They have many lunch choices from $5 to $6. Large restaurant with very nice atmosphere and 3 TV's for entertainment. Entree comes with either yellow or white rice, beans and other side dishes. This restaurant is what you're looking for very close to JH's. Lunch is served 7 days a week.

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          1. re: Mike V

            yes, they are cheap adn have like 8 or 10 lunch choices. it hasn't wowed me though.

            Eto, what do you get at casa del pollo? I've been in there a few times but never walked out with food.

          2. I want to add this one too... el rinconcito del sabor.
            10201 37th Avenue

            very homey feel, and great cooking. cheap too, of course.