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Nov 6, 2009 02:38 PM

Dont want these red jalapenos to go to waste!

I picked all my jalapenos and kept them in a brown paper bag. After a few weeks i looked in the bag and they all turned red! I cut one open to are they hot! What can i do with them: dry them, roast them, or eat them fresh?!

P.S. some of them did go to good use for the halloween costume... baby red jalapenos + a little wire = killer necklace for the "food fairy!" :D

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  1. I roast my jalapenos, skin and seed them, then plunge into a jar of vinegar. Keeps me happy during the winter, at least until they are gone!

    1. Dry them, then grind them up!

        1. Here's a recipe for Cowboy Candy - I used red jalapenos last time, and it was great:

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            this stuff is really good, I put it in and on everything!

            Also made jalapeno jelly for the first time this year, and that is good as well, really like it on sandwiches lately!

          2. they're starting to wither.. are they still ok?

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              They're still fine but you should do something with them asap. Why not freeze them whole until you decide how you want to use them? Then you can thaw and use in recipes, pickle them, roast them, etc. I have jalapenos & habaneras in my freezer and just take out what I need.